Sunday, April 15, 2012

3000m fartlek

I have booked into see Bex at Sports Therapy for Monday.  After my very painful walk for the 5km I was unsure about walking again.  As I had my walking group at the track today, I thought I would try 3000m.

My coach had given me a 3km fartlek to do and a 10km this week.  I knew there was no way I could do the 10km but he said to try the fartlek.

As I walked around to warm up I was thinking I would be lucky to just finish this lap.  I was getting sharp pain in my hip with each heel strike.  I went through the drills with all my walkers and then when they all left I decided I would try to complete 3km.  After my first km, I decided to try making it a fartlek and it did go ... ok...

My hip ached but there was no sharp pains that I was getting earlier on.  My hip flexor pulled when I tried to increase speed but didnt hurt.

total time for the fartlek is 16:44

3000m fartlek

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