Saturday, April 28, 2012

5km waimea and vanguard

I missed out going for a walk yesterday so I figured I would go out and do my 5km today.

Its been really odd weather here .... torrential rain through the night and then hot muggy days.  Today is no different - it was about 18degs and I was sweating like it was 30 degs.  I felt ok on this walk.  My left glute (proformas) was smarting abit today and am guessing that is why I just had no "oommpphh"  so I decided to just settle in and cruise.  I am going to try a 3km fartlek tomorrow so didnt want to bust my gut on this walk.

I figure its going to be a slow 5km next lucky if I can push for 28mins or if I feel up to it ... the 10km....still have not made up my mind which one I will enter.

so today it was a nice 31:03 with avg heart rate of 149

5km waimea and vanguard

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