Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5km waimea and vanguard

I am frustrated!! I just want my leg and hip to heal.  I know I cant push too hard on it as it will just deal the healing.

It annoys me when I am told that people are talking about me....saying .. man she is always injured.   I guess to outsiders it would appear that way.  But those that know me, know that this is a year old if not longer injury that I have had to live with and train over due to having big international race commitments.  I just kept pushing and nursing it and then pushing it some more until it finally stopped me in my tracks.   As you will all remember the NZ Nationals 20km race - it stopped me dead in my tracks!  It would be nice if more people were more interested if I was healing and looking after myself .. instead of running me down and mocking that I am not doing so well.

But .. anyhow...... I thought I would pop out and give the 5 km around the block another shot.   I was really pleased that my shins didnt hurt this time.  Yay, I hate that burning pain as you start back into it again.  The body seemed to hold up ok.  Heart rate is through the roof but I knew to expect that.

Tomorrow if my body is feeling ok I might give 8km a shot.  Need to try and walk 10km in the next week so I can try to decide what if anything I will enter on May 6th.

5km waimea and vanguard

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Tammy said...

(((HUGS!))). It is ridiculous that people are saying all that stuff about you. It's just ignorance. Ignore it and move on - you know your body better than anyone.

Make sure you take care of it, though. I still think 5km is a good distance for the race on the 6th. :)