Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow .. What a night after some week.....

Well my training took a turn for the worst last week. I completed my drills on Thursday with my husband helping me by calling out all the funny exercises we do (while also laughing at how silly I looked) Friday was my day off but I woke with terrible stomach pains and the return of the "Deli Belly" that I caught while in Phuket. So it was a very short day at work with more time spent in the "small" office than my desk. I was also heading away to spend a girly weekend with my best mate in Blenheim. I must say that it was a rather uncomfortable trip over, but thankfully seemed to clear itself by that night.

I was meant to try to gain entry to the track over there and complete my track sessions, but with my tummy the way it was there was just no chance. I returned home on Sunday and still felt terrible so opted again for no training. Then the guilt set in.....

Monday was drills so hubby came with me again and helped me - this time he didn't need to giggle at me, the cleaners at the school did that for him.

Tuesday was first night back on for training. It was meant to be 8km but my stomach was very sore still and I was unsure of what speed I could do or how long. I met up with Pete (my training partner) and hubby (who runs with us) and we set out. It was raining and very very cold approx 4 degree's. We set off will full intent on doing 8km no matter what the pace was but at the 2.5km mark I knew I would'nt make it so made the decision to turn back - plus none of us had jackets and it was raining hard. We did 5km in 30.34 not the 29.40 I should be doing for 5km BUT...I didn't beat my self up in fact I was really pleased with that time, as at least I was out there trying.

Wednesday 5km tonight. Pete couldn't make it and I was really worried as I was unsure if I could reach target time with out him setting the pace, so I rang hubby and asked if he wanted to come and so I picked him up on the way. I felt great tonight. Tummy felt fine, legs and lungs were great. The night was perfect with little breeze and mild about 10deg. We set off and as per normal I went out too quick but we quickly settled into a steady pace. It has been awesome having my hubby come along when we go out as he has learnt our pace. So he slotted into Pete's spot just in front of me and lead the way. I of course chased after him. I always hit the wall at the 4km mark...(am unsure of why) but we did slow a little here. Hubby picked up on this and called back some support and off we went again. I was almost too afraid to look at the time when I clicked my GPS. Had I gone under or over...... Tonight I had to do 29.40sec............................I did....................A PERSONAL BEST EVER!!!!!!! 29.28secs
Here are my Km times
So the time off from training didn't do me any harm, if anything, it gave me a huge improvement for my short distance.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Training...rain, hail or shine!!!

Well its been an interesting week! What with stack training at the track on Saturday going to plan. Had to stick to a pace so each 400m lap had to be 2.08 so off we went me and my rabbit (aka Pete) how we do stacks is we race 400m then stroll (or in my case-drag) for 200m then we do 800m etc... so it looks like this 400, 800, 1200, 800, 400, 800, 400 and usually at the end I wonder off to find my lungs and legs. But this time we were flying. My fittness has come up and we hit target time for each lap!! my coach was ever so proud.

Then that afternoon the club had a cross country run on - Tasman Centre Champs and I was allowed to run in it. So hubby and I went off to this event in the afternoon. I changed from vet Women to Open Women so I could run with hubby but it was 8km and a tough course....But I got 2nd Open I dont have a clue! but anyhow there it is. BUT.....when I woke on sunday my legs were so so so sore!!!! I felt exhausted too but I had a 11km walk at 5.58min/km to complete to day. Yeah Right!! But heart in the right place, I set out later in the day when it was warmer, but my body just wouldnt get it together and with a strong side wind and with the cold rain it was not going to plan. I pulled out at 10km with a time of 1 hour 4 min. Thats an ok time but no where near target time.

So I decided to rest for the next two day.....the heavy rain helped with that call :0)

So tonight (weds) I met up with Pete (my rabbit) and also hubby for a fast 5km as per my training program. We pushed hard and both made comment at the half way mark of whoa, way to fast...but needless to say...we pressed on and completed our 5km in 29.36 a best for me! so if I can do that on a walk way with rises and bumps and road crossings......I have to be able of doing 28.?? on the track.

80 days to we shall see

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keeping the motivation going....

Oh Gosh...what a week its been. My training has been full on and I am struggling to keep up the pace set out. In saying that, I am hitting the target times but I am at full race pace to do so.

Today's walk was the hardest and I lost faith in myself. I forgot that last night I achieved a personal best for 5km and tonight my muscles were just exhausted. My lungs felt much better tonight but I just couldn't push my body any faster than I had done.

My first track session didn't go as planned. My first kilometre was far too fast and that just makes the rest hurt really badly. I was meant to do 6 x 1km reps but only managed to do 3.5 kms before pulling up with cramp in my hamstring. Being that it was Saturday morning at 9am with a -2deg frost, my body just couldn't get warm.

So here is how my week has gone so far.

Weds 8th - 5km in 29 min 56 sec - avg pace 5.59min/km (coach's target 6min pace/km)

Saturday 11th - Track - 6 x 1km reps (coach's target was 5.44min/km)
lap one = 5.38
Lap two = 5.48
Lap three = 5.45

Sunday 12th - 10km in 61.20 (coach's target 6 min/km ) course I did had slight up hill gradient

Tues 14th - 5km in 29.38 avg pace 5.55min/km (coach's target 5.58min/km)

Weds 15th - 8km in 48.40 avg pace 6.05min/km (coach's target 5.58min/km)

So for most of my training I have been under coach's target times...except I shouldnt be beating myself up too much. I am almost too afraid to ask what my times will be in 5 weeks when the next program is written up for me.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My first training walk

Went for my first official race walk training. I still cant believe my coach gave me a 7km walk for my first time out in 2 months. Plus even more earth shattering was that he told me to go at 6min/km pace......THAT was my RACE pace.

So after struggling to get my form correct in the car park while I warmed up waiting on my training partner Pete to arrive, I pondered this pace and started to doubt myself. It was one thing to be running and gain some extra fitness but why was I so breathless after just walking around the car park?????

Pete arrived and away we went. We started out sticking to 6.15 min/km pace to warm up and easy the old body back into it. We headed out along the Atawhai Walkway....its a nice smooth flattish walkway with a couple of road crossings along the way. Once we warmed up Pete stepped up the pace. His normal race pace is 6 min/km so he just settled into that in front of me and I gave chase.

We must have picked up the pace at some stage as we passed through the 5km mark at 30:25sec. At the 6km mark I asked to slow for a moment as I started getting stitch and was feeling that "sick" we eased up a little. After a couple of mins I said OK lets go again....and away we went. Both knowing it was only 1 km to go. I always think to myself some thing that my coach told me at this point....."Its only going to hurt for another 6 mins, so go hard"

As we crossed the main road beside the athletic park, (approx 500m to the finish) we had to slow right up due to the uneven foot path and it was dark with only random street lights...making it rather treacherous underfoot. But we carefully picked out way along and then did a quick sprint until we heard my GPS chirp out the 7km mark.

I hit the stop button on my watch and was almost afraid to look......did we make it...did we hit the target time????? my lungs were bursting (so much for my fitness) but my shins felt fine and so did my calf's....YAY....

We did it in 43.09.............I was truly gobsmacked.....I honestly didn't think I could pull that time off for my first walk. Plus if we had not been held up at road crossings and had to slow for the foot path...we know we would have hit 42 mins...just as my coach had requested.

Monday, July 06, 2009

New Walking Program

Today I met with my coach and have been given my new 5 week program. Drills twice a week, 3 road walks each week and two track sessions.

I do my first 7km training walk tomorrow night with 6min/km as my pace guide. I am looking at reducing my times down so for 5km I post a 27min on the track and for the 10km road walk I post a 58 mins. I feel confident that I will hit them bang on..... but must admit to first day training jitters.

To start out at my old race pace is daunting to say the least. But I trust my coach and know he knows best.

I will keep you all up to date on how my training is going.