Thursday, January 31, 2013

km track session and 8km recover walk

Speed session - 2 x 1500m and 4 x 500m

After the storm had passed I went to the track.  The weather is very very hot and more humid than normal.  Due to all the moisture in the ground and the hot was 90% and you could feel it.  Everything was damp and you were sticky and sweaty just standing still.

I started out with this work out and struggled.....for one I have never done 1500m before and it felt like an awful long way!  Plus i was trying to not lose where I should finish and how many laps I had done.  After the first one I was not sure if I would get a second one done....but sure enough.  I did.

Next up was the 4 x 500m (which was actually meant to be 3)  The others were doing 10 x 400m tonight and so I had them going around the track as well so it did help when they either caught me or started just in front of me. 

It was not a stunning walk but it is completed.
Tues Track Session

Weds was a day off....YAY!!!

Thursday was walk with Kay.
There was one major problem with our walk today........due to the storm....the whole walk way was covered in deep sand!!!  at some places it was ankle deep.  So it was very hard to r/w with feet slipping and sinking.  It is still very muggy and today Kay was struggling.  So we slowed the pace down and just enjoyed the walk.

Not so sure of where I will do my 8km fartlek now.  I may have to go to the track.  Will ponder that one.

Total time for the 8km was a nice easy
8 km walk way data

Monday, January 28, 2013

12 km Treadmill with 2 x 2min bursts

We are in the middle of a massive storm - a tropical cyclone!  With winds up to and over 95kph I was NOT doing a walk out side.  But we dont know if the track will be open either so coach you head to the gym and hit out the 12km on the treadmill.  EEKKKKKK

So I grabbed my headset and Shane and I headed off to the gym.  Lucky for us it is only up the road or we would not have ventured out. 

The gym was busier than I expected.  I set myself up on the outter treadmill and set to it.  By the time I got to 5km I knew I had to stop and move.  The fans were not reaching me and I was over heating so badly that I was having trouble breathing.  So at 6km I stopped and quickly swapped to the treadmill closest to the wall and directly under the big wall fans.  I started up again and was doing ok.  I had a few sharp twinges in my hip but mostly it was ok.  My glutes were pretty fatigued and my legs felt very heavy.  I kept the pace to a slow and easy one - 9.2km (6:31 per km) and then after 6km I lifted it to 9.3km (6:27 per km)  At 9km I upped the speed to 10km and pumped out 2mins.  I repeated this at 11km too. 

I should have read my prog properly before I left....i was actually meant to do 3mins...but I am sure that the fact I even tried to do some speed bursts will be ok.

Total time was 1:17:14 with avg heart rate of 148 - which is getting better.  Glad to have put this one to bed .... it was pretty tough going.

12km treadmill data

Saturday, January 26, 2013

8km treadmill

The weather here is terrible.  High winds and torrential rain.  Not overly safe conditions to train in and with my hip still not settling I figured it would be better to do this one in doors.

I really hate anything longer than 5km on a treadmill.  I get mind numbing bored!!!!  Shane and I went to our local gym....better treadmill than in the complex.  Plus there is more going on so helps me not to get so bored. 

Both my glutes were aching - a good sign I think.  My hip was not as sore and I was able to walk normally with out limping.  I set myself up on the treadmill and started out at 9.5km....after 2 km I slowed it to 9.2km.  My legs were tired and I was struggling.  I stayed at that speed till 6km and then picked it back up to 9.5 again.

All in all it was an ok walk.  Total time 51:04

8km treadmill data

Friday, January 25, 2013

6 km Fartlk

All day my hip/butt has been aching.  It hurts to sit and it hurts as my right foot comes through and stretches forward to land.  I was not sure if I could or should do the fartlek or whether I should just do the 8km gentle walk.  I tried to contact my coach but he was stuck in an appointment and didnt reply to what one I should do.  So I just figured that meant I should do the walk we discussed.

I slowly race walked down to the start of the walkway.  The wind was picking up (we have a big storm brewing and about to unleash on the coast)  I was not sure how I would go doing this along the walkway as its slow going at the best of times.

The first km was hard.  I was trying to focus on correct style and not allow the pain in my hip stop me.  I just cant stretch forward with that right leg.  Its like my hips are just locked and unable to move back and forth.  My legs were aching from the last 2 walks I have done with pain behind my knees as well.

As I slowed for my first recovery I tried hard to not slow down too much but by the second recovery I was well over that and just slowed to a pace that let me breath and walk without too much pain.  By 3km it seemed to have warmed up and the pain was just a dull ache.  But I was tired and my legs were just empty.  So my recoveries were getting slower and slower as were my "fast" 500m ... but to end on a positive note.....this is my first 6km fartlek and I can only but improve on it.

Total time was 36:53

1km 2.54 + 2.55
2km 3.12 + 2.52
3km 3.16 + 2.55
4km 3.15 + 3.00
5km 3.15 + 2.59
6km 3.18 + 2.55

6 km fartlek data

Thursday, January 24, 2013

12 km - partically done with kay

My hip played up after my speed workout and I was unable to walk ... actual walk, let alone race walk.  But tonight I was better and it was my 8km with Kay ... which is always a nice gentle walk.

I had asked my coach if I could do more if I felt ok and he agreed that if I felt ok at 8km I could continue on and complete the 12km that I had for this week.

As I pulled up to the walkway the sky opened up and it poured down.

 Oh well at least its not cold.  The good news was that it cooled us both down and was about 25 degs......NICE!!!!  Kay and I completed our 8km in a very gentle time of 56.27 so I said to Kay that I would continue back along the walk way and do another 4km.

I headed back along the walk way and tried to pick up the pace.  I just cant seem to get any speed up along here.  But the good news is that I completed the 12km!!!!  Yay

total time was 1:22:27
12 km data

On a personal note....I have decided to start back up on weightwatchers.  I need to move the 7kg that has come on quickly.  So I am trying very hard to eat healthy and make more healthy choices.

tonight we had saute lamb in herb and garlic with a tossed salad of lettuce and baby beetroot.  hmmmmm

Sunday, January 20, 2013

3000m South Queensland Regional Cup 1

Today I headed into Brisbane with Robyn for the 3000m track walk which was part of the South Queensland Regional Cup (race meet 1)

When we left I checked the weather for Brisbane and was shocked to see it was going to get up to 37 degs  EEEKKK  I felt my knees buckle at that!  So it was quickly decided that seeing as this was a team race and it was more about getting points than a fast time.  I resolved to just turn my legs over and just finish.  I was entered into the Open Grade along with my team mate Tash.  So depending on our placings...our best points we could get were 22 (12 for 1st and 10 for 2nd)

We all lined up on the track and quickly sussed out who was in what grade.  There was one other team in the Open but we both felt confident we could get this.  Katya was in a tougher grade but we all knew she had the training under her to place 1st or 2nd ..... so could gain us 12 or 10 points. 

Away we went.  I took it very conservative for my first km and still started picking off walkers one by one after the first lap and caught tash on the 2nd lap, we gave each other the thumbs up as we passed.  I was feeling ok, the heat was intense but as I started on the 2nd km my stomach issues flaired up and I was in pain. 

I was still going to finish this race no matter what as it was a team thing.  So I slowed down for the next km and managed to get myself sorted out.  The last km I had one of our junior walkers just ahead of me and so I tried hard to pick her off and I did gain on her...until she got the bell and away she went. But it was nice incentive to have her there to try to pick off.

so total time was 17:39 and Tash and I gained 22 points for the club!!!!  I am rapt that Tash enjoyed her walk today that she is going to start coming to the track on Tuesday to join us in our training.  It wont be long until she is kicking my butt but for now, I will love having her and Kay to help push me along out there.

The Gold Coast Regional walk team - all doing the Bolt Pose!!! lol

race data for the 3000m

Thursday, January 17, 2013

8km with Kay

Today was my nice easy walk with Kay.  I woke today feeling pretty stiff and sore and was not sure how I would go tonight.

We started out and I chuckled and said I would be as fast as a 90 year old tonight.  So we took it nice and easy.   The road was busy tonight so I was up and down the foot path all the time keeping out of the way of bikes.  So I was super pleased to be going easy.

The hip felt better once it warmed up and I was able to finish the walk with out too much discomfort. 

Total time was 56.38

8 km data

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10km slog along the walkway

Wow This was tough.....tougher than I thought it would be.   Its been a wee while since I have walked 10km and man am I unfit!!!!  I am out of spots to fit th4e 10km walk in this week so after a speed workout a 10km is probably not ideal but it was this or do it Friday before the 3000m race.  Not so great.

I headed straight out once I got home from work.  It was about 27 degs and the walk way is partial shaded.  I was going to just go back and forth along the walk way but when I got to the 2.5km mark I knew that if I turned back now I would not turn away from home at the other end.  So I pushed on to reach 5km.

I kept telling my self to stop moaning and whinging and to just suck it up.  I knew it was going to be tough with having such a long break off and these walks will get easier........hmmm well I tried to convince my self.

At the turn around point there was a police officer on the other side of the road and he was pointing his lazer at cars to catch the speedy ones.  I called out and said that I better not get a ticket and he laughed then pointed it at me and yelled out wow your doing over 9k's .... I chuckled away with that.  

At 8km I got sharp pains in my hip again and I nearly stopped.  Instead I slowed down and just made sure I was walking right.  As I was tired I felt like I was dragging myself along.  So I had to prop myself back up again.

I was very pleased to hear my watch beep at 10km.  My time is actually not as shabby as I thought it might be.  1st 5km was 32.04 and second 5km was 33:00 total time 1:05:04  AVG hr was 158

Glad that is out of the way.......not looking forward to the kms increasing.

10 km data

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 x 800/200

Yay, its an overcast day.  In Gold Coast terms....its a wee bit chilly lol I checked my cell phone when I got home and it was 24degs and 64% humidity.  Gosh almost normal weather.

I got to the track and did 3 laps to warm up.  Kay decided she would follow me and try my workout as well.

I quickly explained to her how its done.....800m then stop for 30secs, go hard out for the next 200m.  Rest/Stop for 2mins and repeat.  Not sure if she will be keen to do it again or not .... lol but she sure felt it.

I actually felt good tonight.  Not fast or anything, just good.  Hip was a little stiff but not sore.  I got stuck into it and pushed hard for the 200m.  I am really pleased with the end result.  Now to just be able to do that time with it all lap after lap.

1km  4:33:4 + 1:01:6 = 5:35
2km 4:33:3 + 1:02:8 = 5:35
3km 4:33:1 + 1:00.8 = 5:33

Total 16:43

Now if I could do that time this Saturday I would be a very very happy person.  Reality....I will be really happy if I can go under 17:30

3 x 800/200

Saturday, January 12, 2013

8 km on treadmil

After my 8km with kay I pulled my hip again and found that I couldn't walk properly on Friday.  After a hasty call to my coach to ask what can I do to free it up.....I then spent the rest of the night sitting on ice and rolling on the foam roller.

I woke today and was still very sore so we decided I should use the treadmill and that way if my hip gets too sore I am not stuck away from home.

The first Km was SO SO painful that I nearly quit then but as the km rolled over my hip was freeing up and the pain was bearable.  I took it very slow for the first km and then put the treadmil on 9.5km and stayed with that for the rest of the walk.  I stopped at 4km to stretch and that helped alot.  Plus this machine only does 5km distance so I reset it and carried on for the next 4km.

It was mega hot down there.  I had the doors wide open and the windows but there was no breeze so it felt like being in a glass house.  I am sure I am a good kg lighter now. 

Total time for 8km is 50.48 ... slow and steady.  My hip is feeling ok now.  I have given it a good long stretch session. 

Garmin data

Thursday, January 10, 2013

8km walkway with kay

It was to be a nice gentle slow 8km tonight.  I was looking forward to it as I was a tad tender after my fartlek and also starting back at the gym aswell.

Plus I just enjoy having company while I walk so it is refreshing to have another lady to gabber to while we both walk.

It was a warm one again but I am slowly adjusting.  Even though we were nice and slow my heart rate still climbed to a high rate to end the walk. It was also slow going as we picked our way back along the road.  It is a one lane (one direction) with a cycle lane.  We walk in the cycle lane to save going up and down the diveways......but cyclists dont feel they should share and we get abused ALOT so it slows us a bit while we dodge up on to the foot path to give bikes right of way.

Todays walk was 56:51 for 8km

8 km walkway with kay

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

3km Fartlek - frist session for the year

After 15 wonderful days with my son, it was time to drop him to the airport for his homeward journey and for me to start my training.  I decided to join everyone at the track and so zipped off along the motorway from the airport.

It was not as hot as expected....about 27 degs and 69% humidity so I hoped that I wouldn't struggle today.

I started out and felt good....stiff...but good.  But after the recovery 500m I struggled to get going again and felt like I had not really increased much speed wise.  ( my data says I had but I didn't feel it)  I pressed on for the last km and really tried to push myself for my last fast 500m.  Heart rates shows I was pushing and my breathing showed I was pushing but my splits were almost exactly the same as the 2km.

Total time was 17:33 and I am ok with that.  I can only but get quicker from here.

1st km 5:32
500m  3:09
500m  2:52
500m 3:09
500m 2:50

3km Fartlek - first session for the year