Friday, January 25, 2013

6 km Fartlk

All day my hip/butt has been aching.  It hurts to sit and it hurts as my right foot comes through and stretches forward to land.  I was not sure if I could or should do the fartlek or whether I should just do the 8km gentle walk.  I tried to contact my coach but he was stuck in an appointment and didnt reply to what one I should do.  So I just figured that meant I should do the walk we discussed.

I slowly race walked down to the start of the walkway.  The wind was picking up (we have a big storm brewing and about to unleash on the coast)  I was not sure how I would go doing this along the walkway as its slow going at the best of times.

The first km was hard.  I was trying to focus on correct style and not allow the pain in my hip stop me.  I just cant stretch forward with that right leg.  Its like my hips are just locked and unable to move back and forth.  My legs were aching from the last 2 walks I have done with pain behind my knees as well.

As I slowed for my first recovery I tried hard to not slow down too much but by the second recovery I was well over that and just slowed to a pace that let me breath and walk without too much pain.  By 3km it seemed to have warmed up and the pain was just a dull ache.  But I was tired and my legs were just empty.  So my recoveries were getting slower and slower as were my "fast" 500m ... but to end on a positive note.....this is my first 6km fartlek and I can only but improve on it.

Total time was 36:53

1km 2.54 + 2.55
2km 3.12 + 2.52
3km 3.16 + 2.55
4km 3.15 + 3.00
5km 3.15 + 2.59
6km 3.18 + 2.55

6 km fartlek data

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