Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10km slog along the walkway

Wow This was tough.....tougher than I thought it would be.   Its been a wee while since I have walked 10km and man am I unfit!!!!  I am out of spots to fit th4e 10km walk in this week so after a speed workout a 10km is probably not ideal but it was this or do it Friday before the 3000m race.  Not so great.

I headed straight out once I got home from work.  It was about 27 degs and the walk way is partial shaded.  I was going to just go back and forth along the walk way but when I got to the 2.5km mark I knew that if I turned back now I would not turn away from home at the other end.  So I pushed on to reach 5km.

I kept telling my self to stop moaning and whinging and to just suck it up.  I knew it was going to be tough with having such a long break off and these walks will get easier........hmmm well I tried to convince my self.

At the turn around point there was a police officer on the other side of the road and he was pointing his lazer at cars to catch the speedy ones.  I called out and said that I better not get a ticket and he laughed then pointed it at me and yelled out wow your doing over 9k's .... I chuckled away with that.  

At 8km I got sharp pains in my hip again and I nearly stopped.  Instead I slowed down and just made sure I was walking right.  As I was tired I felt like I was dragging myself along.  So I had to prop myself back up again.

I was very pleased to hear my watch beep at 10km.  My time is actually not as shabby as I thought it might be.  1st 5km was 32.04 and second 5km was 33:00 total time 1:05:04  AVG hr was 158

Glad that is out of the way.......not looking forward to the kms increasing.

10 km data

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Tammy said...

Good work! That is hot weather...pretty fast for that heat. Sorry everything was hurting though. It will get better :)