Saturday, January 12, 2013

8 km on treadmil

After my 8km with kay I pulled my hip again and found that I couldn't walk properly on Friday.  After a hasty call to my coach to ask what can I do to free it up.....I then spent the rest of the night sitting on ice and rolling on the foam roller.

I woke today and was still very sore so we decided I should use the treadmill and that way if my hip gets too sore I am not stuck away from home.

The first Km was SO SO painful that I nearly quit then but as the km rolled over my hip was freeing up and the pain was bearable.  I took it very slow for the first km and then put the treadmil on 9.5km and stayed with that for the rest of the walk.  I stopped at 4km to stretch and that helped alot.  Plus this machine only does 5km distance so I reset it and carried on for the next 4km.

It was mega hot down there.  I had the doors wide open and the windows but there was no breeze so it felt like being in a glass house.  I am sure I am a good kg lighter now. 

Total time for 8km is 50.48 ... slow and steady.  My hip is feeling ok now.  I have given it a good long stretch session. 

Garmin data

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