Thursday, January 24, 2013

12 km - partically done with kay

My hip played up after my speed workout and I was unable to walk ... actual walk, let alone race walk.  But tonight I was better and it was my 8km with Kay ... which is always a nice gentle walk.

I had asked my coach if I could do more if I felt ok and he agreed that if I felt ok at 8km I could continue on and complete the 12km that I had for this week.

As I pulled up to the walkway the sky opened up and it poured down.

 Oh well at least its not cold.  The good news was that it cooled us both down and was about 25 degs......NICE!!!!  Kay and I completed our 8km in a very gentle time of 56.27 so I said to Kay that I would continue back along the walk way and do another 4km.

I headed back along the walk way and tried to pick up the pace.  I just cant seem to get any speed up along here.  But the good news is that I completed the 12km!!!!  Yay

total time was 1:22:27
12 km data

On a personal note....I have decided to start back up on weightwatchers.  I need to move the 7kg that has come on quickly.  So I am trying very hard to eat healthy and make more healthy choices.

tonight we had saute lamb in herb and garlic with a tossed salad of lettuce and baby beetroot.  hmmmmm

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