Thursday, January 10, 2013

8km walkway with kay

It was to be a nice gentle slow 8km tonight.  I was looking forward to it as I was a tad tender after my fartlek and also starting back at the gym aswell.

Plus I just enjoy having company while I walk so it is refreshing to have another lady to gabber to while we both walk.

It was a warm one again but I am slowly adjusting.  Even though we were nice and slow my heart rate still climbed to a high rate to end the walk. It was also slow going as we picked our way back along the road.  It is a one lane (one direction) with a cycle lane.  We walk in the cycle lane to save going up and down the diveways......but cyclists dont feel they should share and we get abused ALOT so it slows us a bit while we dodge up on to the foot path to give bikes right of way.

Todays walk was 56:51 for 8km

8 km walkway with kay

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