Saturday, January 26, 2013

8km treadmill

The weather here is terrible.  High winds and torrential rain.  Not overly safe conditions to train in and with my hip still not settling I figured it would be better to do this one in doors.

I really hate anything longer than 5km on a treadmill.  I get mind numbing bored!!!!  Shane and I went to our local gym....better treadmill than in the complex.  Plus there is more going on so helps me not to get so bored. 

Both my glutes were aching - a good sign I think.  My hip was not as sore and I was able to walk normally with out limping.  I set myself up on the treadmill and started out at 9.5km....after 2 km I slowed it to 9.2km.  My legs were tired and I was struggling.  I stayed at that speed till 6km and then picked it back up to 9.5 again.

All in all it was an ok walk.  Total time 51:04

8km treadmill data

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