Monday, January 28, 2013

12 km Treadmill with 2 x 2min bursts

We are in the middle of a massive storm - a tropical cyclone!  With winds up to and over 95kph I was NOT doing a walk out side.  But we dont know if the track will be open either so coach you head to the gym and hit out the 12km on the treadmill.  EEKKKKKK

So I grabbed my headset and Shane and I headed off to the gym.  Lucky for us it is only up the road or we would not have ventured out. 

The gym was busier than I expected.  I set myself up on the outter treadmill and set to it.  By the time I got to 5km I knew I had to stop and move.  The fans were not reaching me and I was over heating so badly that I was having trouble breathing.  So at 6km I stopped and quickly swapped to the treadmill closest to the wall and directly under the big wall fans.  I started up again and was doing ok.  I had a few sharp twinges in my hip but mostly it was ok.  My glutes were pretty fatigued and my legs felt very heavy.  I kept the pace to a slow and easy one - 9.2km (6:31 per km) and then after 6km I lifted it to 9.3km (6:27 per km)  At 9km I upped the speed to 10km and pumped out 2mins.  I repeated this at 11km too. 

I should have read my prog properly before I left....i was actually meant to do 3mins...but I am sure that the fact I even tried to do some speed bursts will be ok.

Total time was 1:17:14 with avg heart rate of 148 - which is getting better.  Glad to have put this one to bed .... it was pretty tough going.

12km treadmill data

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