Thursday, January 31, 2013

km track session and 8km recover walk

Speed session - 2 x 1500m and 4 x 500m

After the storm had passed I went to the track.  The weather is very very hot and more humid than normal.  Due to all the moisture in the ground and the hot was 90% and you could feel it.  Everything was damp and you were sticky and sweaty just standing still.

I started out with this work out and struggled.....for one I have never done 1500m before and it felt like an awful long way!  Plus i was trying to not lose where I should finish and how many laps I had done.  After the first one I was not sure if I would get a second one done....but sure enough.  I did.

Next up was the 4 x 500m (which was actually meant to be 3)  The others were doing 10 x 400m tonight and so I had them going around the track as well so it did help when they either caught me or started just in front of me. 

It was not a stunning walk but it is completed.
Tues Track Session

Weds was a day off....YAY!!!

Thursday was walk with Kay.
There was one major problem with our walk today........due to the storm....the whole walk way was covered in deep sand!!!  at some places it was ankle deep.  So it was very hard to r/w with feet slipping and sinking.  It is still very muggy and today Kay was struggling.  So we slowed the pace down and just enjoyed the walk.

Not so sure of where I will do my 8km fartlek now.  I may have to go to the track.  Will ponder that one.

Total time for the 8km was a nice easy
8 km walk way data

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