Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dunn Mountain

On Sunday (16/07/06) I got very adventurous and grabbed my trusty bike to head off and tackle Dunn Mountain.

The day was picture perfect with just a small splattering of cloud. Sun was shining birds were singing................and I was gasping over my handle bars yet again.

The pic is me at the table which I thought was half way .................... was actually quarter.

The ride was fantastic. It is a gentle gradiant that you hardly notice. I rode for 2 hours and made it to the 4 x 4 track which is the half way mark as one of the guys told me as he whizzed past me. So I turned around and headed for home. It may not have been a steep track but wow, did I whiz down. Took me 20mins to get to the bottom.

So next weekend I have recurited 2 other mates to come up and go the whole way up. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back On My Bike

Yay, I have finally been able to get out on my bike.

On saturday with the sun shining and the birds singing. Shane and I packed up the trailer with motor bike and mountain bike and headed up the Hira. Shane opted for the fire breaks and death defying rutts. Me, I picked the safe old boring gravel road. I road up Sharlands Creek Road. It winds up to the top of Sharlands Ridge.........yep up hill all the way. Took me about 80 mins to reach the top ............... yes and about 10 stops gasping like a fish out of water............but I made it. The ride down was great.............20mins to the bottom..............yeee haaaaaa

On sunday, I dragged my bike out and threw myself back into those little unforgiving shorts and headed back up again to investigate a trail i passed on the way. I found that bike seats are very very firm....specially on the second day!!!!

The trail (above image) I had found started off really easy and had some creek crossings and lots of over hanging ferns with fan tails flitting along with me. Awesome, but eventually i had to give up and turn around as it quickly became to steep for me to ride up (or down).

but I still had a blast.

brachial neuritis or parsonage - turner syndrome

Parsonage-Turner syndrome is a condition characterized by inflammation of the network of nerves that control and supply (innervate) the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and arms (brachial plexus). Individuals with the condition first experience a sudden onset of severe pain across the shoulder and upper arm. The muscles of the affected shoulder show weakness, wasting (atrophy), and paralysis (atrophic paralysis) within a few hours or days of the onset of the disorder. Although individuals with the condition may experience paralysis of the affected areas that lasts for months or years in some cases, recovery is usually complete. The exact cause of Parsonage-Turner syndrome is not known.

The specialist has told me that it I have to let the nerve re grow at 1mm a day. Hence why it takes nearly a year to recover. The good news is ..... I can ride my bike again and basically go back to doing what ever I like. The numb fingers will eventually go away and will take some time to regain the strength in my arm.