Friday, December 31, 2010

10km Kick down - atawhai

Today was a busy day.

We had prepared the garage roof yesterday. Shane had gotten up and sanded back the rust and spray zinc stuff on it. Today we were to paint. We had decided to get up early and start painting while there was no wind and it was not too hot. But by 9am it was already 22deg with not a cloud in the sky. Needless to say we both got burnt to a crisp. The garage roof looks awesome again and the blue ends have been redone and so now it looks like new again.

We finished up by lunch time and came inside to sit out the heat of the day. I decided to go out and do the 10km at 4pm thinking it would have cooled off a little. It was 26deg when I went goodness it was hot.

This one went fairly well. I think I started out a little slow but I had set my watch to record each lap at 2.5km and it shows good drops in pace for each one. So hopefully coach is happy with that.

lap 1 - 16:40
lap 2 - 15:55
lap 3 - 15:37
lap 4 - 14:52

total time 1:03:06

10km Kick down - atawhai

Thursday, December 30, 2010

12 km out and back railway reserve

Funny how you can have an awesome walk one day and a terrible one the next day.

Perhaps it was due to lack of sleep, only having 12hours rest and for pushing to hard on the 5km.....anyhow...they are all excuses. It is was it is. I felt awful. My body felt like lead and my calf was really tight again. Nothing really epic to tell about this walk....only that it was done - all be it very slowly.

On the 9km I actually just walked normally up the hill as it hurt my calf to even try to race walk it.

So 12km done in 1:18:30

12 km out and back railway reserve

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5km series - Kaitea Drive

Tonight's course was the fast flat Kaitea Drive. I hadn't intended on going to fast tonight as my legs were pretty tired after the 2km reps and I still have some long walks to go this week. But when we started out I felt great and felt that I had picked a nice easy pace. Every thing was going so perfect till about the 2.8km mark, as I stepped down over the curb I felt my calf twinge and I thought oh oh....It had been tight all day after the 2km reps but I thought it would be ok once it warmed up. I slowed down for the next km and it felt better but each time I tried to power on it would tweak again. So I opted to ease up again, I was guttered as I was looking at a really good 5km time too.

As I passed over the 4km mark, Pete my old training partner caught me and said "come on Nana, lets go" and so I thought I could just sit behind him and tick out the last km but as I pushed up behind him, he picked up the pace. He did ask me often how my calf was and I was surprised to realize that I had not felt it while I had him as a distraction. So Pete saved my last km.

I crossed the line in 29:04 - Even though my GPS says it was is a measured 5km course and many of the other GPS measured in at 5:02 or 5:04 only two of us got under 5km, so we think it was going under the trees at the underpass.

So here is my data for the 5km race.

5km series - Kaitea Drive

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 x 2km track work out

Well Christmas has come and gone and life now gets back to normal again.

As per normal I ate and drunk way too much and paid for it the next day. Being lactose intollerant you would think by now I would know what I can and cant eat. But I cant resist pavlova and cream. Yes ... the cream hit me with vengeance!!! I was unable to complete my 15km yesterday and only just made it to the 5km mark. I knew I had a very tough workout today and was concerned that I would not be able to cope.

With the massive storm that has hit NZ with Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough being hit the hardest - with heavy rain and huge winds. I knew it was going to be a hard walk. I went to the track at 4pm and it was raining when I got there, but by the time I had warmed up the rain lifted, sun came out and the wind stopped. GREAT!!!! I set out and got the first 2km done. Phew that was tough....I walked slowly around to the 200m mark and got ready to go again. This 2km was really hard...I felt awful. My legs felt weak, I wanted to throw up....I just didnt have anything in the tank to push with. I knew my time had dropped and it had started to rain again by the 1km mark. I walked back around to the next 200m mark and was telling myself....last one...its easy, its only 5 times round. Who am I kidding!!! when you feel sick, its raining and then the wind picks up - those 5 laps may as well be 50!!!!! So I hit my lap button and battled into the head wind and turned to have it behind me along the back straight. I didnt notice much benefit with it behind me and I was feeling very tired. I tried hard not to focus on the time and just push into the wind and keep my style together. Mentally I think you give up the moment you start to doubt yourself and its very hard to push through and pick your pace up again. (Something I need to work on) But the good news is that each 2km rep was under 6min/km pace.

so here are my 2km splits (I looked at my watch at the 1km so I would remember the 1km time)

1st lap - 1km 5:33 2km 5:38 for a total of 11:11
2nd lap - 1km 5:45 2km 5:49 for a total of 11:34
3rd lap - 1km 5:55 2km 5:53 for a total of 11:48

I was a little disappointed with my times hubby pointed out to me....these are not that far off my personal best for 3km & 5km and that I had been doing speed work for 2 months leading up to those, so to be doing these times with little speed work and after being ill is actually a good thing.

here is my actual data from the walk
3 x 2km track work out

Friday, December 24, 2010

4 x 1km reps at the track

Today's training was to be 4 x 1km reps and I chose to do these at the track as its easier to get the distance right. I had a terrible nights sleep as my stomach decided to play up all day and all night giving me terrible stomach cramps and pains. So bad that they woke me through the night so I was lucky to have gotten 3 hours sleep.

I headed to the track at 9am and put out an email to all the other walkers to come and join me so they could do drills or track walk. Stephen came down but he was the only keen one.

After a few laps to warm up, I readjusted the settings on my watch so that it would show me "current lap", "last lap" and lap count..........but for some reason when I pressed lap it double pressed it??? not sure what was going on there.  *update, have just figured out what happened to my watch..I had not taken auto lap off so when the gps thought I had done 1km it took a time and then also when I pressed lap.  So have changed the lap splits to the correct time.

So I started out and I felt tired but ok, the pace felt quick but I was not gasping. I rounded the 200m in 1:01 and thought then hmmm this is a little quick but I will roll with it and see what comes. I kept going at this pace and pushed hard for the last 100m but when I pressed lap it told me 12 I had no idea of what my time was. I kept this up for the next 3 all with the same end result. I had guessed each km was about 5.30 ish

I came home and helped mow the lawns and then weeded the garden so it will look nice for Xmas day when Shane's family arrive for the day. My family are getting together at my daughters place for a bbq lunch so I will hopefully catch up with them all later in the day. It may be the last time for a while that all three kids are together for xmas seeing as Shakara is heading to Cairns to live in January.

So I finally came inside and up loaded my data and was totally surprised to see the actual times for my reps.

km 1 - 5:26
km 2 - 5:27
km 3 - 5:34
km 4 - 5:31

So that shows me that my fitness is coming along nicely. Now to put all the kms in a row and still do that pace.

4 x 1km reps at the track

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5km series - out and back

Its a hot dry and windy evening. You can smell the pollen from the Pine trees in the wind, and its playing havic with peoples asthma and eyes tonight.

Tonight is the Richmond 5km series and I shot out to have a good stretch out but I found out that it was the out and back course which has a couple of good wee hills that start at the 2km mark and you turn half way through them to repeat them again....

We started off and I sat on Wendy's heels for the first km or so but didnt have the fitness yet to stick to her all the way. Once we got to the Switch Back hills I had was pretty dry and my throat was pretty I walked up the hills.....normal walk/power walk and then blasted down the other side. I thought I would catch her up on the 2km straight to home but only managed to gain 20 or 30 m

I was pleased with my time as it was a sub 30min but all of us with GPS got a slightly shorter distance than 5km.....My time was 29:54

5km series - out and back Wensley

Monday, December 20, 2010

10 x 200m track speed work

Yay its not raining.......and the wind has stopped!!! ok, its still overcast and looks like it will rain any moment...but the track is dry for now.

I was meeting up with other walkers today at the track to go over drills and walking techniques. Stephen and I try to met up each Monday to help them and he is still Coaching many of the other walkers. As our first walker had canceled he helped me out with my 200m splits. As I was not 100% sure that I was legal when I was try to go fast he helped me out by judging me. It was great and he was really surprised at how much my style had changed.

I was nervous about doing 10 x 200m as last time I had gone out way too fast and wore myself out half way through the workout. So this time I decided to focus on style and technique and the speed will come. Funny thing is I was pretty consistent with my pace through out this time. I did miss hitting lap on about lap 6 - hitting the stop instead of lap so I lost 1 200m's data so I added another one at the end. Silly thing is I also lost count on how many I had done and I see now that I have data for 11 x 200m so I actually did 12 today...cant say I am not putting in the work now.... lol

so my 200m splits were :- 57, 56, 57, 58, 58, 58, 57, 58, 58, 56, 57 and my heart rate max was 163 which is not too bad. Showing that my fitness is starting to come together.

10 x 200m track speed work

Sunday, December 19, 2010

112km out and back - atawhai walkway

I woke today to the sound of torrential rain. "Well thats track done for" was my first thought. I had arranged to met up at the track and go over drills and help out anyone who wants help with walking. Not much fun for them in the pouring rain. I knew I still had 12km to walk but opted to wait out the day and see if the weather improved a little.

So I spent the day sewing Barbie Doll Clothes - giving them to my Granddaughter for Xmas.

At 2.30pm Stephen called and asked if I was still heading out. The answer.....of course I we decided to met up at his place and head out along the walkway for 6km and turn back. It would be his longest walk since his accident but we were both fairly confident he would be fine. He had handled the 10km the other day and also had walked another the day before and felt fine. It was still pouring but it wasnt cold. I took my jacket this time though but wished I hadnt after the first couple of kms as it rubbed me under one arm. I did manage to adjust it and ignore it for the rest of the way.

The walk way was just one big puddle, with both of us splashing each other to the front and lots of giggling and we picked our way through puddle to puddle. Then we struck clay mudslides across the walk way and they were super slippery to walk over. Even though we were soaked it was not to bad, there was no wind and it wasnt cold. When we turned at the 6km mark, we noticed that there was a small patch of blue sky and that the rain was slowly easing up. By the 9km mark it had stopped raining and was starting to get a tad hot with a jacket on. We had one small stop on the way back as Stephen's hamstring tweaked a bit, but after a good stretch we were away again.

I really enjoyed today, time was not an issue and we rambled along chatting and laughing. So for 12km we did 1:20 - avg pace 6:40

12km out and back - atawhai walkway

Friday, December 17, 2010

4 x 1km track

Its pouring.............I mean, REALLY POURING. Not the I'm going to get a little wet kind but the I will be soaked by the time I get out of my car kind.......

I got down to the track and its totally deserted of people but I do have a large audience of Paradise Ducks, Oyster Catchers and Spur Wing Plovers! They were munching on worms in the centre of the track and didnt really seem to fussed that I was down there splashing around in the huge puddles......the track was just one puddle really. Its a brand new track and they are still sorting out drainage issues. So its a good inch or two deep of water in lane 1. The good news is ........NO WIND!!!!

So I decided to just get on with it. I was already wet so nothing worse was going to happen. It was tough going on the wet track as it feels kinda slippery but also drags on your feet. Jim had said not to compromise style for speed so I eased back a little (not that I was going that fast in the wet anyway) I was to do 800m then stop for 20secs and then sprint for the last 200. I was not sure on how to reflect this on my watch but after my first 800m I hit the pause instead of lap .. so thats how I kept doing it. So each of my 1km splits I have actually stopped for 20secs and then sprinted for the last 200m.

My Km splits are

1st km - 5:34
2nd km - 5:28
3rd km - 5:33
4th km - 5:32

4 x 1km track

Thursday, December 16, 2010

10km out and back - atawahi walkway

Today I went out for a quiet wander with 2 mates - Stephen (My mentor) and Pete (My retired training partner)

As today was not going to be a fast pace it was really nice to tick along and chat with friends for company. I miss having someone to train with and keep pushing me.

We had a lot of fun and it felt like the old days when we all used to train together.....missing was Bubbles....then it would have been a full team. We joked about how 3 of us are now unemployed and able to train any time we like now.... but with me about to get a new program from my coach Jim...the chances of training together are once again remote as my work outs will not be that appealing to the guys who are not training for any goals other than fitness and enjoyment.

So our 10km was done in 1:06:12

10km out and back - atawahi walkway

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5km Series - St James

Tonights course is the St James Walkway. I have not done this one before and again I had decided to walk with Stephen. He has been out walking abit and is starting to get fitter....gosh it wont be long before I cant keep up with him anymore - will be like old times haha.

It was a hot and muggy evening and we all really felt it out there. St James turns out to be one of the best course's. It is pretty much flat and nice and easy to walk. Stephen an I were chatting away as we headed out being very conservative and just making sure he was feeling ok. But as each km passed I noticed we were getting faster and faster and before long we had gone from 6.20/km to under 6/km - Yep I ended up doing a kick back work out.

So my 5km was done in 31.09 which really surprised us. Tomorrow I am going to meet up with Pete and Stephen and head off for a 10km will be so nice to have some company.

5km Series - St James

Monday, December 13, 2010

8 x 400m at the track

Tonights session was 8 x 400m with a 2-3min rest between the 400m's. I was also to ease up on the pace a little and get my technique sorted.

I felt more in control of my legs tonight and felt like things were starting to come together. My laps did get a second slower each time as fatigue set in but I am pleased with the over all result. Even my heart rate seemed to be more settled and not so erratic.

As I am getting used to my watch tonight I decided to just press the lap it looks a little messy. Plus my 7th lap a real mix up lol

So my splits for tonight (to make it easy for those interested)
lap 1 - 2:05
lap 2 - 2:06
lap 3 - 2:07
lap 4 - 2:09
lap 5 - 2:10
lap 6 - 2:12
lap 7 - 2:12 (I think)
lap 8 - 2:08

8 x 400m at the track

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 km out and back - Atawahi by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

What a busy day I have had......
First - I went out to the Athletic Track and helped out with the first ever inter club 2km Race walk. I judged and also was there to encourage 3 girls that came to me and asked me for help. They are runners and hurdlers but for next year at the Colgate Games they want to enter the Race Walk as well. Two of them are naturals and make it look so easy and 1 will get there with time and coaching. (She reminds me of myself when I started out) They did really well considering that today was the first time they had actually race walked for 2km. The good news is that two of them made it past the judges with no warnings or cards and one got warnings and 2 cards...but she didn't get a dq so she also made it to the finish.
Second - I raced back to my daughters flat and helped her tidy up and drop off all her stuff to the dump. She is moving to Cairns to live in the new year. Plus while there we had Josh (Teagan's parnter) pop round to take away her double mattress. I helped him throw it up on to the car roof and then we tied it down through the front doors.....funny thing about doing that........... he couldn't open the door to get into the car and had to do a Dukes of Hazard approach to get in. Much to Katie-Mays delight and laughter at watching her daddy climb through the window to get into the car.
Third - I had to train and do 12km - by now it was 3pm and I was feeling rather pooped and my back was rather sore???? must have tweaked it while throwing the mattress around. I took some voltarane and headed out at 4pm. Hubby decided to come along with me on his bike and also suggested he take a water bottle, as he knows I tend to train with no water.

It was a hot muggy day and I was feeling very tired. I struggled to get any rhythm going and in the end just concentrated on style and forgot about the time. I also forgot that I had forgotten to change my GPS settings and so after two km I had to press my laps are a little all over the show. But all in all I was really pleased to finish this one and the time was ok. 1:17:08 which was not too much slower that the other night.

Here is my data is you are wanting to take a peek :0)

12 km out and back - Atawahi

Friday, December 10, 2010

Track Training 8 x 200m Speed work

Tonight was my first speed session.  I was excited about this as I usually love speed work.   Plus I figured 8 x 200 was easy peasy and I would so ace it.  .............. hmmm famous last words!!!   I was quickly to be humbled by the track and my body!!

I went out and did 1km warm up....took it easy and just concentrated on form.  So 6:17 for the 1km was fine.

I changed the settings for my watch (not really sure how to use my watch for these nights so I have not linked to the data but have written it down instead.  I can remember doing pace work and being nice and fast, I remember it felt easy to do 1:10 per I had figured I would totally own this tonight.  I started out on my first 200m, I felt great.  My form felt great, my legs felt strong and knees were locking.......then 100m passed and my legs started to feel "funny" tingly like I had no real control over them.  I kept pushing hard and hit the stop as I passed over the 200m - 55sec.............hmmmm is that it???? Is that really the fastest I can go??????? I was breathing hard but nothing too major and was ready to go again by the time I walked back to the start.

I repeated it again, this time was better but still 55sec...... so the 3rd time I really put my all into it.  I picked up and started to glide and it felt so smooth...but I lost my confidence and felt like I was running and quickly lost it but did do 54sec.....

But with each lap my legs were starting to go really weird.  I was starting to doubt that I was actually locking and it felt like my feet were flicking before landing.  ( I am told now that it was my nervous system going haywire trying to control too many muscles at once when its not used to it)

I did a 400m lap to cool down but I was really feeling discouraged.  Lucky my coach was there for me when I got home and picked me up.  Explaining that fast twitch muscles have to be taught how to be used and it was my first session.  Baby steps and it will come.

So we shall see...... but here are my splits:-
1km warm up - 6:17
Lap 1 - .55
Lap 2 - .55
Lap 3 - .54
Lap 4 - .55
Lap 5 - .57
Lap 6 - .56
Lap 7 - .54
Lap 8 - .59

400m cool down 2:26

or link to the first lap and then click next to see the others

Lap 1 track training 200m - Details

12 km out and back - railway reserve by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

I came home from work before heading out for this walk. I was hoping to do a good time and stay with my new form all the way. Plus try to tweak some extras that were picked up in the video.

I have to try to leave my back foot on the ground longer, lenghten my stride and pick up my pace .....which will in turn help me learn to push off and then get faster. My first km was very slow as it was uphill along the reserve so it was 6.36 but after that picked up the pace and tried to stretch out. Still got to 5km in I was pleased with that. I reached the 6km turn mark and hit the wall. Suddenly I felt totally wiped out, my muscles just didnt want to give anymore and I slowed up and basically cruised home...even walking normally up the big hill at the end. But all in all 1:16:56 for 12 is OK.......

12 km out and back

Monday, December 06, 2010

Video of Marlborough Half Marathon

My hubby took the following video of me while I competed in the Marlborough Half Marathon.  Its longish.....but it serves to purposes.

1 - so my coach can see my style
2 - so all my overseas friends can see a little of Marlborough (yes I know...we drive on the wrong side of the road! lol)

Also if you pop on to my Mothers blog you can see a small video of me crossing the finish line.  Mum got so excited to see me she hit video instead of photo hehehe

Enjoy and I welcome all feed please do stop and leave a message.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Marlborough Half Marathon 2010

I  didnt sleep much last night.  I spent most of the night worried I would not hear my alarm.  I had set the alarm to wake me at 4am so I could have some breakfast and then again at 6.30am to get ready for the race.  I didn't need to worry as everything went to plan and I got to have my weetbix and some more sleep!!!! 

We headed down for the race and caught up with lots of friends.  I watched the Marathon start and cheered on my friend who was running it for the first time and then it was time to line up and start myself.  I squeezed into the group of runners standing by the 'average' sign.  (I had asked at sign in if I could please start with the runners and when I told them my projected time they explained the signs to me....avg meant 2hours - 2.30......) suited me just fine.  So I quickly jumped into a spot and within seconds we were counting down and the gun goes off.

The first 3km was on the paved walkway along the Taylor River, then it went to groomed gravel walkway for about 2km.  It was from here until 8km that things got a little "adventurous" for the first 2km it was a stony road with large stone sticking up (I tripped on many!!) then we had a river crossing which involved walking over 6 large squares of concrete that moved as you stepped on them....add a photographer saying "SMILE" to that....yeah right!!!!! was all I could say..............then you popped up on to a grass walkway that had a little sheeps trail cut into it - I tried to walk in the sheeps trail but it ened up a bit over grown.  At the end there were two short but very sharp mounds (cant really call them hills) but that ground you to a halt pretty quick and you could only power walk up that.  I cant tell you how relieved I was to pop out onto the tarmac and know that it was all just road from then on.

It was along here that I started to pass a few of the runners - much to their own disgust..hehehe - the course popped us out on to New Renwick Road - this road went on FOREVER!!!!.  It was along here that my Mum and Erle had parked.  My Mum has not seen me walk and was so excited to see that she had made it out on the course.  I called out and had a very short chat and carried on my way.  Finally we crossed the bridge and headed back on to the gravel walkway to rejoin the paved walk way.  I knew now it was only 3km to to the finish.  Dig it in I said to my self......I must have said this out loud as the jogger beside me said "I am trying too!" lol.....

Seeing the officals at the end of the walk way never looked so good!!! I zipped up the stop bank and then rounded the corner and could see the finish line.   I could hear my name being called out and I saw my friend cheering me I pushed hard for a good finish.  My Mum saw me and got so excited she pressed record on her camera instead of photo and took a very short video of my she did as poor Shane had trouble getting a park and missed my finish by 3 mins!!!    So here for my mums blog and video  site address

I am please to say that I won this event - I was First walker.  They gave out medals for each age group for the walkers so sadly it was not recognized as First walker...just first in my age group.  But I got a medal!!! Yay me.  My time over all was 2:11:40

The great news was as we made our way back from prize giving.....all my friends were waving at us and motioning for us to come I walked over to be told that my name had just been call for a spot prize.  I went up to the trailer and said "I am Nyle" ......oh he said...fashionably late I see... you have just won Oysters and a tee shirt.   Then he handed me this huge polybin.  I grabbed it and went back over to everyone...we opened it and inside was 6 or 7 bags of Oysters still in shells...approx 12 oysters per bag.  Now Oysters are a delicacy here ..... but not in my house....I dont mind the odd deep fried one...but raw from the like swallowing a large snot ball....UGH!!! so I grabbed one bag out for my Father in Law...(sorry mum but we couldn't get them to you!) and gave the rest to my friends who were more than happy to share them)
 I have lots of video to put up and will make that a separate post with links to You Tube.

Marlborough Half Marathon GPS DATA

Thursday, December 02, 2010

5km Series - Olypus Way

Well I did a really stupid thing on Weds Morning.............I slipped on my kitchen floor and it would appear that I have pulled a muscle in my inner thigh. Silly silly me!!!!

So tonight I was not sure if I should walk or not..........obviously I went with walk. But I did try really hard to take it easy with over 7mins for my first km........(which also included the 100 + steps that there are in this course..) but then once I got warm, it didnt seam to hurt any more and yes....I got all kinds of excited and myself and Pete chased after the two lead walkers. Slowly we made our way through all the walkers and stopped by each of them for a quick chat...or some cheek :0) It was so nice to see Bubbles out walking again and Sharon too.....I must say that this summer may just be the start of the Nelson walkers again.

It took until the 4.5km mark until we caught the top two walkers....and after much banter and cheek being thrown again....we zipped away to take the lead and cross the line together. It was still a conservative time but lots of fun had. 32:25 for 5km

5km Series - Olypus Way

So now I sit with ice on my leg cause once I cooled leg started to hurt. So with getting a bee sting on Sunday between my toes and now is not a good start for the race this weekend. We are heading over to Blenheim on Friday night and will stay with my in laws (Shane's mum and dad) Then it will be up early on Saturday morning for a 7.40am start! I just hope its not too hot as so far this week its been a good 20deg by 8am......ugh.....lots and lots of water!!!!!

So wish me luck and I will up date on Saturday Night. This a first for Blenheim and they have 1000 people, awesome I say!!!