Monday, January 15, 2007

Striders Half Marathon

On sunday 14th January I entered the Stiders Half Marathon. It is a handicap race were you are not aloud to wear watches. You had to guess how long it would take you to complete the half marathon or the 10km walk. I had no idea of how long it would take me so guessed 1 hour 20 min and 10 seconds.

All week the weather had been awful, heavy rain and very very muggy. So I was most surprized to wake up on sunday and see sunshine.

We arrived at the Maitai at 8.30am to find heaps of people. I had no idea how popular this is here. There were 50 walkers and approx 150 runners.

I got off to a great start and stayed just behind the blonde lady No 226. We chatted away and I was surprized to find out that she represents Nelson in Walking events and she was amazed how well I was keeping up with her. I stayed near her for the first 5 km but then my shins and hips were getting abit sore so I had to swap back to normal walking. On the way back a couple of the race walkers passed me and they all chatted as they went past. It really is a social sport. Every one was really helpfull.
Here I am coming in to the finish. My offical time was 1 hour 14 mins and 3 secs. I had made a personal best by 6 mins!!! how great was that. At the prize giving I found out that I won my age group and was 6th over all.
Not bad for a unfit nearly 40 year old...hahaha