Monday, December 28, 2009

Confidence Boost!!

Yesterday I had 18km to walk on the track.

With my progress going so well - my base lap time on the track has changed. It was 2.33/lap but I seem to be constantly walking at 2.29/lap.

So my goal for my 18km was to pick a pace and just be consistent.

I have to admit that doing 50 laps on the track seemed so daunting to me. So having the chance to do 45 laps at my own pace was great. I didnt really know what time I would finish but I just hoped it would avg out to make a full 50 to be under the qualifying time of 2:08

I started out and straight away was doing 2.26 so I stayed with that pace for the first 5km (12 laps) then I eased back to 2.29 and I stayed at the pace 95% of the training. My training partner turned up at lap 32 (he had injured himself while out running but was still keen to help) So he started passing me my water bottle and counting out my times.

With 3 laps to go he called you think you can pick it up for the last three??? so I dropped 5 secs - 2.24 and then for the next lap took it down to 2.20 then my last lap I started power off at the 200m mark and brought that lap pace down to 2:10

My total time for 18km was 1:51 I was ecstatic - that means I would have done my 20 km (50laps) in 2:04

So I now know I can qualify .... now its just a matter of maintaining my fitness and then rockin it on the day. I so want a spot on that team!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Training coming together

Well there has been no rest for this chick!!

With finding a part time job 2 days a week plus working her normal job....(50 hours a week in total) plus walking approx 50 - 70 kms each week....I am shattered!! But still smiling. is paying off. There is only 3 weeks to go until the 20km trial. I have started my track training. Coach has set the base line lap pace (this is a slow pace that will see me finish in exactly 2 hours 8min) so anything under this pace is a good thing.

We started track training this week. 5km and then 10km of rhythm training. I am to walk each 400m in 2:33 and stay consistent at that pace for 50 laps. Easier said than I thought...what a piece of cake!! its so slow but after 15km your legs get tired no matter what pace you are doing!!

So I wanted to post my last training splits. I am so pleased with how my track training is going. My coach is now really pleased and is sure I will do far better than I think I will.....only he wont tell me his time for me.

So long as I do under 2hours gives me a chance of being selected.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Zealand vs Australia Race Walking Test Announced

Below is the Official announcement on the Athletics NZ Web-page.

I must admit that I have not enjoyed the politics that are going on in the back ground but I have decided to put it all behind me and go up and race anyhow. I still intend to give it my all and I would be so so stoked to surprise many and be selected for this great race.

New Zealand will compete against international race walking powerhouse Australia in a Test Match in Hobart early next year.

The Test Match will see up to four male and four female competitors from each country race over 20km on 13 February.

A trial to select the team will be held at the Douglas Track in Waitakere on 10 January. The winners and runners-up in both the mens and women's competitions in the trial will be automatic selections, while the next finishers will be subject to a qualifying time to make the team, 1hr 50min for men and 2hr 8min for women.

In announcing the match, Athletics New Zealand's Sport Manager Brett Addison said, "This competition is long overdue, with twenty eight years since the last New Zealand vs Australia teams race walking competition. It's a fantastic concept and we have been fortunate that Mike Parker and David Lonsdale of Race Walking New Zealand have done so much work setting up the test match."

Parker said "The most significant thing about this forthcoming Oceania Race Walking Trophy is that it is the first time for sixteen years that New Zealand race walkers will have the opportunity to compete as a team in some form of international competition. This can only improve the standard of our best walkers, athletes who might not be able to aspire to higher levels of competition.

"Such an event as this one, held bi annually might just provide the impetus for one or two of them to make the break through to that next level. We have had years where only our elite NZ walkers, and they come along so rarely, are able to aspire to Olympic and Commonwealth Games selection. This competition is all about making an initial step towards bridging the international gap and improving our overall standard along the way."