Monday, September 04, 2006

6 hour Enduro at Korere

Shane and Mike getting ready to start the 6 hour. Shane on bike 193, its his first competion ride since buying the new bike.

Here is shane racing past the pits on lap 2. Sadly this is the last photo I got of him as after this he didnt fuel up his bike and he ran out of gas 3 km from the finish and had to push his bike for 1 and half hours to get to the top of the hill so he could c coast back down. So shane only rode for 2 hours of the 6 and we packed up and went home.

I did try to get one of the stewards to take some gas to him but one of the riders chose that moment to learn how to fly and broke two ribs. All spare stewards went to the aid of this rider and sadly shane was forgotten about until I threw a little tanty!!!! but it was too late by then as shane had just made it to the top of the hill. Next year we will be better prepared and will fuel up every 2 laps!!! Still a great day out the weather was perfect.