Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is finally over!!!! Bring on 2014

I had my final racewalk session of the year.  I went to the track to join up with Kay and some of the kiddies.  While they did a 3km walk, I did 5km.  It was nice and overcast, about to rain so that made it rather muggy.  While temp was down humidity was up...I cant get a break hey LOL.  I started out and just wanted to get to a nice pace.  Something I little more than I have been doing but not a race pace.  My hamstring zinged me a couple of times but nothing that lasted for more than a moment or two.  It was an ok walk at about 90% effort.  Total time was 29:37 then after I had finished, I watched the others doing their 200m.  After 3 kay had enough and suggested I might like to chase the young ones for their last 200m.  So I walked over and set them going.  The took off like jack rabbits but as the corner straighten they started to slow and I nearly mowed over them LOL...so I went out 3 wide and raced them home.  Surprisingly Koby and I were even as we crossed the line.....56 secs ....... cripes I will take that!!!


My Year totals are :-

 Activity Type Distance in Km
RaceWalking 1,089.74
 Running 10
 Casual Walking 30.5
 Elliptical 20
 Indoor Cycling 25
No Watch Walks 30
 Summary 1,205.24

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Walking Week - its sure been a hot one

Tues 24th - 5km along the walk way - 31.16  We had not long got home from Coffs Harbour.  My back was pretty sore from sitting in the car, but I felt I needed to stretch out.  I had no power for this walk....while yes my legs turned over ok, I was just done.  Not sure why I am having this set back...but its frustrating.

Thurs 26th - 8km along the walk way - 50.09 Temp 29 degs -  I really struggled with this walk and had to stop many times for water to stand in one of the salt water showers.  I must remember to carry water with me.  I knew I was in trouble at 4 km when I had pins and needles over my face and started seeing black spots.  There are showers along here but they are salt water, so I stopped to cool down for a moment.  I drank alot when I made it to the surf club and then again once back on the walkway.

Sat 28th - 10km along the walk way - 1.04 - Temp 31 degs  -  Today I carried my water belt and loaded up with poweraid on one side and a extra fuel on the other...but I made it too strong and had to stop and tip the other stuff out and full with water.  At 6km I felt that awful onslaught of....omg I need to find a toilet right NOW!!!!  I knew I would find one at the surf club ... 1 km away.  After that stop it was hard to get going again....nothing in my legs and the heat was really getting to me.

Sun 29th - 8km along the walk way - 52.02 - Temp 32 degs - today is to be one of hottest days.  I over slept but as it had been 28 degs all night, it really made little diff that I started my walk at 9am when it was 29 degs.  The hard part was NO breeze so the heat just sat on the road.  My legs were dead again, not sure whats going on there.  I had water with me today and a half mix of powerade.  I turned at the 4km point and stopped to stand under one of the showers.  I felt like I was dragging a tyre behind me today.  I was struggling.  Plus to add to my discomfort, I was suffering from chaffing (the extra weight I have gained is making walking with the shorter shorts difficult.)  Back to the longer leg shorts for a few days.

We brought my xmas present today.  My new best friend.......a stationary bike.  Most people would say that sucks as a present, but its what I need.  I have to drop at least 5kg in the next two months and I cant seem to walk far enough or hard enough to do it.  So I am hoping that sitting on the bike for an hour each night will help to burn off some extra calories and keep my back from hurting so much.  My hamstring has been holding ok while I am racewalking, but it is still very tight.  I also brought a hard croquet ball and have been using that on my glutes and hammys to help release the knots.

5km walkway
8 km walkway
10 km walkway
8 km walk way

Saturday, December 21, 2013

10km along the walkway

Wow, what a week its been.  Trying to fit in two weeks of work into one, getting through an audit in the office and being 1 person down in the office .... phew!  But we got through it and Friday rolled around with out too many hitches in the office.....all though we were rather distracted by other news in the office.

My walking week consisted of early morning starts -  So Tuesday was an 8km and then again on Thursday.  Both went ok...nothing startling.  My coach has asked me to slow it down a bit at the moment.  We are just being watchful of my right hamstring as I have had tendon pain for a few weeks now and we are unsure if it is the tendon or the nerve going down through the piroformus.  It doesn't bother me too much while I walk...just a dull ache.  It hurts more when I have stopped.

Today was 10km - I was determined to sleep in today so I knew I was going to do my walk in the afternoon.  When I got up this morning, I stood up and the bottom of my right foot hurt...alot....it felt really tight and as I stood and put weight on my foot it felt like I was pulling my foot along the edge of the arch.  I made sure I wore sneakers today...but it hurt all day.  Well....tempt crept up to 30 degs and at 4pm was still that....phew it will be hot.  I filled up my water bottles and put my water belt on.  I new I was going to need it.  I was a little nervous about my foot, my hamstring had been doing odd quivering like a nerve spasm during the day but I figured worst case...i would stop and come home.

Foot held up ok for the walk.  I had a slight back breeze on the way out but as i turned at 5km and walked into it...it felt much stronger......but it was cooling.  By about 7km by glute and top of hamstring was starting to ache and my psoas was hurting on both sides.  Not enough to make me stop but enough to slow me down and I just went with it.

I have 16km on for tomorrow...........for that I am a tad nervous.  I am sure I will be fine.

10km walk

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gold Coast Masters Champs 2013

I started the week with gusto.  I had a 15km racewalk that was part of the Kurrara fun run and I managed to complete that.  I had forgotten about the large hill just at the half way mark and so that knocked the stuffing out of me.  But in all it was a great walk done in 1:36

Tuesday was next - a 5km recovery walk which was done in 31.41 - in this walk I was tired....really really tired.  Nothing in my muscles at all.

Thursday was my 5km fartlek which I opted to do on the walk way due to bad weather expected in the afternoon.  time for this was 29:36 - It felt easier than I expected, I had my B12 injection the night before so that may have helped.

Saturday was to be 10km....but this didnt eventuate.  On Friday I woke being sick and ended up coming home from work to be sick again.  By Saturday I had hardly eaten and was still feeling very sick.

Sunday was Race Day.  I got up and was still not feeling 100% .... I got to the track and realised I had left my watch behind.  What a stupid thing to do....so my choice was to race "naked" No watch, I figured I would use the timing clock on the track.  HA the timing clock failed and was a minute out of sync with us
We started at 8.30am and it was hot....but then again its always hot here lol.  With no watch or track clock I had no idea of my time so I figured I can only walk to the best of my fitness.  At about 2km I passed Paul and continued on after Dean and Gorge Michael (our guest walker from Isle of Man)  I had no chance of catching them but as they passed me I did try to stay behind them.  At about 4km I was working out that the clock was about a minute off and so could see that I was going to be under 30mins but I was not sure by how much.  I managed a strong finish with a 29:17

1st female and 1st in age 46-50

Then two hours later we all lined up again for the 1500m .... now this one I really hate.  I am NOT a sprinter and my legs felt like they were made of lead.  But for participation I thought why not.  Total time was a slow 8:29

1st female and 1st in age 46-50

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Taking it back and OWNING IT!!!

Who says New Years Day is the day to change things!!  Not me thats for sure.  

I feel that I have spent the last few months getting myself together.  Finally starting to get some regular training in and now having found an amazing chiropractor ... I KNOW I am ready.   

So I am taking back all my excuses and all my self doubt and locking it in a box and throwing it away.  I rang Jim and asked if he room from one more walker .... ME!  Its time for me to get my head back in the game and get serious again.  I have Australian Masters in March and then from there I have the 20km race in May plus state champs etc for the year.  This year I am going to own it, I am going to succeed and I am going to do better than last year.

Today I got up and met with Kay and Paul to do a 12km walk around Emerald Lakes.  I knew it was going to be at an easy pace and I was totally ok with that.  I just wanted to get 12km under my feet.  Next weekend I have the 15km race so I needed to get some distance under me.  There was a light breeze and we were all thankful for that.  The blisters on my feet didnt annoy me too much but I could feel the nail of one of my toes digging into the other toe..............blood seeping out of the shoe by the end was a sure sign too!    It was so nice to have company.  Pauls wife jogged beside us for a while and then she just started walking....WOW she had a natural racewalk style and with a couple of pointers she was away and keeping up with us easily.  

total time was 1:25:20 for a nice and easy avg pace of 7:07

I am excited to see what my new program with be.  Officially start back with Jim tomrrow and its so nice to be back with the Team again.