Sunday, December 01, 2013

Taking it back and OWNING IT!!!

Who says New Years Day is the day to change things!!  Not me thats for sure.  

I feel that I have spent the last few months getting myself together.  Finally starting to get some regular training in and now having found an amazing chiropractor ... I KNOW I am ready.   

So I am taking back all my excuses and all my self doubt and locking it in a box and throwing it away.  I rang Jim and asked if he room from one more walker .... ME!  Its time for me to get my head back in the game and get serious again.  I have Australian Masters in March and then from there I have the 20km race in May plus state champs etc for the year.  This year I am going to own it, I am going to succeed and I am going to do better than last year.

Today I got up and met with Kay and Paul to do a 12km walk around Emerald Lakes.  I knew it was going to be at an easy pace and I was totally ok with that.  I just wanted to get 12km under my feet.  Next weekend I have the 15km race so I needed to get some distance under me.  There was a light breeze and we were all thankful for that.  The blisters on my feet didnt annoy me too much but I could feel the nail of one of my toes digging into the other toe..............blood seeping out of the shoe by the end was a sure sign too!    It was so nice to have company.  Pauls wife jogged beside us for a while and then she just started walking....WOW she had a natural racewalk style and with a couple of pointers she was away and keeping up with us easily.  

total time was 1:25:20 for a nice and easy avg pace of 7:07

I am excited to see what my new program with be.  Officially start back with Jim tomrrow and its so nice to be back with the Team again.

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