Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5000m track training, style check and new chiropractor

Well where do I start?
The new chiropractor is brilliant.  He has ordered lots more xrays but he feels 99% confident that all my trouble has come from my feet or more to the point RIGHT foot.  This is the foot that I flick and flap around too.  He says that the nerve is not firing and so keeps tripping out the SI joint.  He manipulated my foot (boy did that hurt) and bingo ... pain went from my SI joint.  So on Friday he is going to strap my foot to hold it in place and I am to throw away my ballet shoes and jandals!    I am excited by all this as it is the first good result that I have seen yet.

I went along to the track tonight and just did a gentle 5000m but as per normal I hit the wrong button at the first km mark and stopped my by the time I realised I actually lost count of how many laps I had done...I think 2 and a bit or perhaps just two....any how I pressed start at where the end of the one km mark was and kept count from there so I know that the 4km recorded on my watch WAS 4km...but I am sure that I did at least a km in the missing spot.  Any how ... I worked out my 5km to be 30:50 and I am happy with that.

after I walked I asked Catrina if she would be kind enough to take a couple of videos of me so I can check on my style.  I am pleased to say that it is all looking pretty good.  Cant wait till I can really tuck that butt.

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