Saturday, November 23, 2013

My weeks training and stretch results

Heres has been my week in training :-

Weds was 5km along the walkway in 30:40 - body felt tight but ok no pain in hamstring
weds 5km

Friday was 5km along the walkway in 30:42 - still feeling stiff and tight - hamstring tender
Friday 5km

Saturday - 8km on the treadmill in 49:12 - body felt great tonight.  No pain and not stiff at all.  I did get tired at about 6km but I am so pleased to have made it to 8km.
8km treadmill

I have been doing 30mins of stretching and strength building each morning....sometimes again at night.  When I started I could not lean over and touch my toes.  I could just touch my sock line at my ankle.  Laying on the floor with on leg straight on the floor and the other straight up in the air....I could not hold it straight and get it high enough for me to hold.  I had to bend my knee to be able to hold my knee to help stretch.  Sitting on the floor with back against the wall and hells of feet togehther (like the frog pose)  My knees were high off the ground and my heels along way from my body.

After 10 days .... I touched the floor today!!!!! and my knees are about an inch closer to the floor in the frog pose.  I can now put one foot on the back of the couch and lean forward to hold my toe!!!

I am very excited about this progress as I had not expected results for weeks.  I am also swapping to a new chiropractor - he is only 5 mins from my work so much easier for me to get to and cheaper too.  But he also does muscle imbalance work - which I think will be the most beneficial for me.

so my next goal is to put the palm of my hand on the floor and then my head to my knee!

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