Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5km along broadbeach walkway

I am so so so tired of constantly having trouble with my SI joint and I am tired of paying $$$$$ to get by back corrected.  Why cant it be "fixed" ..... or is this a result from my motorbike accident 15 years ago (broken pelvis on the right side)  Not once has anyone xray my back or scanned my SI joint....I think it might be time for me to voice some thoughts at the chiro or doctor.

I got up at 6am and went out to do 5km.  I am constantly doing 5kms at the moment....mainly due to its a quick walk and its not too far so if my back does lock up I can still get home and not be late for work.  Once my back settles I can go back to longer walks.

While my back was stiff and achy it was not OUCH sore, but when it gets stiff I loose all my power as I cant bring my leg forward for a longer stride.  I felt slow...really slow.  While I am normally an up beat and positive person today I let the negatives creep in and all I could think about was its going to be over 31mins...snails pace....this is really bad .. why am I bothering.   Looking back now I can slap myself because I know that 31mins is a great time, its not bad and slow and snails pace.  By just saying that out loud I am insulting so many of my friends and fellow competitors ....  it just felt that way to me compared to my usual walks.

I am off to the chiropractor tomorrow and its time to demand they do something other than charge me a fortune and adjust it.  I want this to be fixed.  Either give me a cortisone injection into the joint or tell me how this can be fixed.

Todays 5km was done in 31:15 and looking at the km splits I kinda did a wee kick down in there too.
5km walkway

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