Sunday, November 10, 2013

3000m Masters Walk at Ashmore

Well as you may all be aware....I pulled or gave a small tear to my Adductor (muscle at inside top of thigh)  This slowed me down ALOT this week and I only really got one 5km walk in.  It went ok but my SI joint was really stiff again.

I was meant to do a 10km walk on Saturday but first I thought I would tidy up first.  While leaning to the right side to pick up towels off the floor all the muscles in the right side of my back went into a spasm and left me almost a cripple for an hour.  After a haste chat to Jim he sent me a video of how to apply Kensie tape to my SI Joint....and Shane followed the instructions and applied the tape.  Wow that was instant relief.

So Jim said that if I felt okish in the morning that I could try the 3000m but to stay at only 90%  I was not feeling that confident that I would be able to walk but surprisingly ... I woke and while I felt stiff and tight it was not sharp pain.  So I went down and decided to see how things went.

I had said to Paul that I was only walking my own race and at 90% ... if I pass him I am not racing but it just means he has slowed.  Turns out I passed him at 1km and then he passed me at 2km.  He slowed down and so I called out and said "oi... move it" lol and it spured him on to pick up.  

I finished in 17:27  I was consistant through the walk with my km splits being   5.49  5.49   5.50 

My back was achy through the walk but its pretty tight and sore now.  Will be looking at getting into a chrio tomorrow.

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