Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5km series - Robbies way

Tonight is the last 5km Richmond series. These run during our day light savings and that all ends this weekend as we turn our clocks back 1 hour.

I had really hoped to do a low 28min for this walk. It was on a new course that was fairly flat. Half on tarmac and half on gravel walkway. But by the time I started getting ready my tummy was very queasy and I was feeling burby and not to flash. I got to the start line and was feeling more nauseous and I almost didnt start. In the end I figured that at worst I could just slow it down and enjoy the walk instead of going hell for leather. (Hind site: should not have had so much cheese in my cheese and pineapple toasty for lunch)

We started out and I easily slipped into a nice solid pace. I had my friend running beside me and I was feeling good, it was nice to have her to pace against. She slowly pulled away from me but was replaced with Tod who was walking the fastest I have ever seen him walk. We went through the first km in 5:38. The road started getting rough underfoot for the next km so we slowed a little. We pop out next to the beach and hit the beach just at the 2km mark. The gravel was hard to walk on as it made it almost slippery. As Tod was not race walking he pulled in front of me and I slipped in behind him. I had suddenly had a wave of nausea and slowed up lots. At the 2.5km mark I suddenly started dry reaching and was sure I was actually going to vomit. I walked up a little rise and gathered my self took some deep breaths and started up again. By now there was about 20m between me and todd and I just decided to flag it and let him go. I picked my way along the walk way and then over the board walk (made to get you over the swamp) and finally popped back out on to the road. I struggled for the 3rd km with nausea and finally managed to settle in to a slower pace. The last km back to the finish was back on tarmac but I just couldnt pick up my speed to make chase after Todd. I finished in a good time even so but not the time I was hoping for.

Its now 3 hours since the race and I am still feeling nauseous and unwell. Couldn't even face eating any tea. I just hope like mad I have not got the bug that my grand daughter and her dad have had over the weekend.

Again I had forgotten to change my watch so it recorded it at 2.5km but I have worked out my km splits.

1km - 5:38
2km - 5:42
3km - 5:55
4km - 6:20
5km - 6:08

total time of 29:43

5km series - Robbies way

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10km out and back - monaco

Interesting walk today.

I had decided to start back at our gym, so on Sunday I went out and did my first gym work out.

Here is what I did:-
1 leg deadlift using a 10kg barbell - 2 x 10 reps
Lunges - 1 x 10 reps
Squats using 15kg bar only - 2 x 15 reps
Gluteal press 2 x 10 (holding for 10secs)
Hip hike 2 x 10 reps
Side leg raise - 2 x 10 reps
glute leg raise - 2 x 10 reps
Cat stretch
Obique twist
Table top
Pelvic Bridge

I thought I had been very conservative with my reps and sets but on Monday my legs were soooo sore. They are still very sore today as well.

today I went out and did 10km. I didnt feel it was going to be a fast one as my legs were still sore and very heavy. I turned at 5km in 29:52 but it took 32 mins to come home. The walk its self was pretty uneventful. My legs pumped up with in the 1st km and felt heavy. I was trying really hard to leave my left leg behind me longer....but the more I tried the more bent my knee became. My foot just wont bend in the right place to allow it and so my knee collapses. I kept trying to push my hip back and then before I knew it my arms had gone out of sync with my legs. So I just kept going to finish the walk. I also had some really odd pains this time. I put it down to indigestion or perhaps I had spasmed a muscle in my chest from twisting so much but I was getting some pretty sharp and nasty pains for most the walk back.

I also just noticed that I had not adjusted my watch from my kick down and so it recorded it all in 2.5km lots. Whoops. But the data is not that exciting to look at anyway.

10km out and back - monaco

Saturday, March 26, 2011

10km kickdown

10km kick down was on the list for today.

I was a little nervous of this as my knee and ankle have been playing up in the last week.

I woke up to a perfect day for training.....cloudy with a very light drizzle. It was still muggy - about 20degs.

I went down to the Atawhai walk way and headed out. I wanted to aim for 6.20, 6.10, 6.00 and 5.50. So this time when I started out I took it easy as I remembered last week I went out way too quick and made the whole walk harder than it needed to be. I was pleased to see the first km click over at 6.20 so I was on the right pace. I felt good. No aches or pains and I was working hard on keeping my form and brining my knee through straight. It felt nice, smooth and very easy.

I continued on and picked up the pace at the next kick. So far my knee was holding out and I felt good. The test would come when I turned at the 5km mark and started to pick up the pace. I felt good at 6km but at 7km there were some twinges starting. I kept going but was really listening to my body. The last kick was the biggest test. Could I hold 5.50 pace for 2.5km. My knee held up with just the odd sharp pain but mostly it was ok.

Total time for the 10km was 1:00:56

1st kick = 15:48 - avg 6.19
2nd kick = 15:25 avg 6.10
3rd kick = 15:16 avg 6.06
4th kick = 14:25 avg 5:46

10km kickdown

Thursday, March 24, 2011

15km out and back - Monaco

I was feeling pretty good today and was looking forward to this walk. This good mood lasted for about 2mins into the walk!!!!

I left from home but instead of going up the track I thought it might be easier or better to follow along the road and then up to the track. Wrong!!!!! it may have been flatter but the last 100m was way much steeper and harder on my body that the smaller incline of the track. As I continued along and down Beatson's Road my ankle started to hurt. I thought I should stop but then I also thought it might pass. so I continued on but made sure I was super careful with my style and how I was landing my feet. The pain started out as heat and my ankle felt very weak, but by the 3km mark it was hurting. Each time I attempted to push off I would have pain either side of my Achilles by my heel and back of ankle. I was trying so hard to walk the right way that oddly enough.......I completely lost it and totally forgot how to get my legs and hips going. I thought that I could stop in at my work and ring home to get shane to come and get me.......then I thought 'just give it one more km"......well somehow it came right and the pain stopped.

I carried on found myself going slower and slower. The harder I tried to pick up my pace or quicken my cadence the slower I got. My hamstrings were tight and my hips had little movement. I felt stiff and totally uncoordinated. I knew I still had 3 km of uphill to get home so I had to just settle in to what ever pace my body wanted to do. I managed to r/w most of the Beatson Road hill and it was not until my last km that I felt normal and managed to pick up so pace.

My total time was 1:34:41 avg pace of 6:18

On a side note - I have not been writing down any of my walks. I upload my data and it stays on the Garmin site. It is not that easy to compare to other walks so I spent the last couple of nights putting the basic data into a spreadsheet with a tab per distance. Now I can quickly see my improvements over each distance and also see my 'best" times etc. So even though I didnt have a great walk and it felt off pace and slow to is my fastest 15km

15km out and back - Monaco

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

12km out and back - monaco

Today was a 12km with 2 bursts of race pace for 10 mins. Well thats what it was meant to be. I managed one burst but the other burst did not last. I think I have realised that I am no longer peaking and its now getting hard again.

I was feeling a lot fresher today and not having a busy night at work helped. I was able to come home and relax for a bit before heading to bed. I really wanted to do well today and pick my pace back up again. My right knee has been plaguing me abit and it seems to have moved down to my ankle now aswell. I was trying to concentrate on my style today but the whole time I could feel behind my knee getting tighter and tighter. If I tightened my glutes it definitely pulled tight so I know it is a problem with my glutes....its just how to fix it. As my knee would pull tight my ankle would start to throb. It never hurt at any time...but I could feel it. When I got out to the 6km mark I turned and noticed a tap on the outta wall of the toilet block. As it was hot and I had not brought my water I stopped quickly to have a wee splash and then set off for home. I was much slower now and was finding my energy starting to wane. I expected this as I had not eaten since 7.30am and have only had a coffee since. Time to invest in the energy gels to take with me on walks.

Instead of coming up Beatsons Road I thought I would take the slightly longer way back up. It weaves back and forth and is not as steep, but I dont think I made it up any quicker than going up the other way.

So my walk was done in 1:14:16 - not my best 12km but not my worst. I know that I really need someone to check out my style as I really feel like I am doing something odd. Time to get the video camera out again.

12km out and back - monaco

Sunday, March 20, 2011

20km out and back - monaco

I was not really enthused about walking today. I had worked late last night and had not had the best nights sleep. Hubby got home at 7.30am and even brought us breakfast so by eating that I knew I would not be walking until 12.00

I curled back up in bed with a full tummy and promptly went to sleep waking up at 10.30 so I leapt out of bed and threw my training gear on and headed out the door. First thing my walkman was flat, so went back and put it in the letter box. My head was feeling pretty foggy so I decided that I would just concentrate on style and distance and not even look at the time or pace. It was pretty warm out there today and so at the 5km I went past the big water tank by the Honest Lawyer pub, I stopped and had a good bird bath under the tap. I carried on out and thought I would head out on the new walkway they are building. I walked almost to the end (I only needed for my watch to bleep 10km and I knew I had gone far enough) as I walked back following my steps I was starting to feel a bit fatigued and so I thought that if I walked back up to Monaco that would gain me 2km and hence stop me for 20km at the base of Beatson Road, then I could just walk the 2km to home. I liked that idea alot and so stopped again at the water tank for another bird bath and a good drink. I topped up my drink bottle while I was here too.

I was trying to enjoy this walk and just let my pace be what ever my body would allow. It fluctuated between 6:05 and 6:20 and ended up being an avg pace of 6:20 at no time was I pushing to go faster I was just ticking along trying to just get into a good nice rhythm.

Total time for today 2:06:46 and I am ok with that considering how I was feeling I am really pleased with that.

20km out and back - monaco

Saturday, March 19, 2011

10km Atawhai

10km today .... with no add in's which means I can just go and enjoy it.

I picked the Atawhai course again but I must admit its getting boring again. I took a drink with me this time. I have found a little 250mil bottle that tucks into my back pocket on my top. After talking with Jim he suggested I be drinking more electrolyte type drinks - like poweraide etc. So while shopping I found a power that just mix with water called Vitasport - Re hydration isotonic sports drink. So I mixed this up and took it with me too.

It is another very hot day with no wind so it didnt take long before my eyes were stinging from sweat trickling into them. I must find some sort of a hat to wear....I found a nice pace and slipped into it and just cruised along enjoying my music and the nice weather. At about 4km my right knee started to gave me a couple of really good sharp zaps so I decided to stop at 5km take a good drink and have a stretch. It felt better so I headed back for home and just took it easy, staying in my wee groove. I stopped again at the 8km mark to take another drink (the bottle I take is not one for drinking out of while goes up your nose!!) and my knee was still a little sore.

I was trying hard to not think about tomorrow. For many I am being paranoid, for others I am being cautious but I really dont want to walk tomorrow. Not because its 20km but because of the man Ken Moon who predicted the last two earthquakes and has said there will be another on March 20th through Christchurch, Marlborough and Nelson. I dont really want to be away from home and my two courses I use for 20km are not what I would call "safe" both follow along the shore line with one on the side of hills. So I was probably not consternating on my style enough and hence the sore knee. ANY how...............I hope on all hope that NOTHING happens tomorrow, and I will go for my walk and then go to work that night and it will be like every other day.

So for my last km I decided to push a little and try to get my 10km done in under 60mins .............. gosh what a long way Jim has brought me. It was only a few months ago that 60mins for 10km was my full on race time and now its my training pace. Awesome!!!

Total time 59:49

10km Atawhai

Friday, March 18, 2011

10km kick down - atawhai

Today was my 10km Kickdown. Its been a wee while since I have done a kick down and so I was a little unsure of myself on this. My style has changed so much in the last couple of months plus I have lost about 5kg too which means I am out of kilter with how my pace feels. I used to know exactly how fast I was walking....but now.....when I feel like I am going slow I am not and then when I feel I am going fast I am not.....

After feeling so tired yesterday I was not sure how I would go today. The sleepless nights are draining but there is little I can do about them. Last night I only woke up 3 times so I actually got a good couple of blocks of sleep. I am also looking into carrying with me some better drinks. Perhaps even some peak fuel jels to slurp on to give me a quick shot of energy to help me through days like yesterday.

I picked the Atawhai course today as it is one of the flatter courses and the walk way is good underfoot. I decided to set my watch to record just the kicks at 2.5km each and I had my watch on the 2nd view setting so it would show me my last lap and my current lap. That way I could tell that I was getting faster with each kick. I started out and felt like I was going nice and slow.....I wanted to do 6.20 - 6.10 - 6.00 - 5.50 well that was my intention. The first km and it was 6.04 way to fast but it didnt feel like I was walking that fast so I tried to slow it down again and at the 2km it was 12:15 still too fast so when my first lap bleeped at 2.5km in a time of 14:57 I knew I was way off pace. All I could do was try to get the next kick in the correct time and continue from there. I felt much better out there today. My head didnt feel as foggy and my body and muscles felt great. Again the 2.5km bleeped and once again I was still too was better but still to fast for the next two kicks. I turned and headed back and the heat really came on. It was a great Nelson summer day, no clouds and hot hot sun. It was a good 27degs and I was feeling it now. I pushed on and was aiming for 6min kms and I hit that one pretty much bang on but now it was that last kick.......did I have the energy left to get 5.50 per km. I was breathing hard now and sweat was pouring off me. I dont normally sweat much when I walk, but I do once I stop. But today it was hot and I was really trying. My eyes were stinging as sweat had got in them but I was determined to get my target time for the last kick. I heard my watch bleep and I hit the stop. Almost to scared to look at the time.....14:30 for 2.5km = avg pace 5:48 YES!!!! Then I clicked my watch over to the normal screen and saw the actual complete time for the 10km and had to look twice to check it was right. I had done a 10km kick down in 59:28

Its amazing what some sleep can do ay! for both mental and physical well being.

10km kick down - atawhai

Thursday, March 17, 2011

12km out and back - Atawhai

I am exhausted.  I have had three nights in a row with about 3 hours sleep in each night.   But today it all really caught up on me and I felt totally exhausted.  I knew I had to walk 12 km today and I also new I was to add in 2 8mins bursts of race pace.  Well here is where I say sorry to my coach....there was no way there was going to be any bursts.  I headed out to do my walk mid afternoon and it had a good brisk head wind for my first 6km.  I was so tired that I actually felt that I could fall asleep if I closed my eyes for long enough.  When I turned at the 6km mark and had the wind at my back I did try to push up my pace a number of times...but you cant tell it by my data and I would only last about 300m and then would fade.  In fact at one stage I found myself in my old double support style and quickly had to shorten my stride and get going again.  Yes my time was ok.....its about the same for my last 12 km but that one had a big hill to go up.  This walk I felt so so slow and really struggled to keep one foot in front of the other.  I was so tired that I honestly just wanted to flop on to our bed when I got home and just lay there.,  But I had to go to track tonight and school 20 juniors in how to race walk and then watch the under 10's do 400m and the over 10's do 1km......and as hope would have it.....there were 3 star walkers emerge.....2 boys and 1 girl!! None of which have ever walked before and just naturally had the swagger.

Funny enough, I was only just talking to a friend the night before about how you can have a great walk one day and then totally bomb the next and that no matter what you must always find something positive about the walk.  So my positive for today's walk is that I walked 12km today.

I am not looking forward to my 10km kick down tomorrow as I can feel it will be a tough one.

Total time 1:15:04

12km out and back - Atawhai

5km Series - Champion Road

Tonight was my off day and I decided to go out and do the 5km its probably the last one I can do now that I am working nights.

I had decided to sit behind Ross and just tick along and enjoy the night.  It was the Champion Road course which is just a square loop with a couple of knobbly hills half way round.  I sat with Ross till 3.5 km and then am feeling pretty good, I might push a little.  Looking back on my data I pretty much did a 5km kickdown.

This turned out to be my fastest time ever on this I was pretty rapt.

Total time - 28:35

5km series - Champion Road

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10km out and back monaco

A quick up date.

After only getting 4 hours sleep last night I was not feeling to flash about this walk. But needless to say I was doing it no matter what so that I could get home by 3pm and grab an hour of sleep before work again tonight.

It was muggy but not stinking hot but the brisk breeze annoyed me when I turned at the 5km point and so my times dropped for the 5th and 6th doesnt take much of a breeze to zap you of energy and when you didnt have much to start with ...well...I was pooped!! I tried to complete the first 5km in under 30mins and I managed it just.....29:47 so I was ok with that. I felt terribly slow but again note that my pace was still fairly consistant around the 6min/km

Total time for the 10km was 1:00:36 so avg pace of 6:03

Now I have to get ready for work at 6pm and probably get home around midnight again....but with hubby not working tomorrow I get to sleep until 7am not 5am!!! Yay for small blessings.

10km out and back monaco

Sunday, March 13, 2011

20km out and back monaco

Last night I decided to wear a pedometer to work as I was curious to see how far I actually walked with going back and forth from kitchen to tables etc. I walked 5.1km last night and it was a relativly quiet night too. So now I dont feel quite so bad for not training yesterday.........the event I wanted to walk in was canceled as no one showed up.

So I got a better sleep last night. Was woken up at 8am by Benni (our new kitten) who decided that it was play time and any thing that moved on the bed was a target. So I got up and that I am up I may aswell head out and do the 20km. I had a big drink of water and one of my energy jells. I was not planning on doing any particular time....I honestly just wanted to get the 20km done.

I picked the walk out along the reserve and taking in the leg of Monaco - trying to find a nice 20km course that is easy underfoot. I started out and set into a nice pace....was not to hard and I felt good. I picked my way down beatsons road and headed out along the walkway. I passed so many runners from the club and also was a nice busy morning. The weather was perfect. No wind, no cloud and a nice warm 23deg....I reached my turn point and stopped for a moment to take a drink. (I had found a little bottle that will fit in my back pocket...its just tricky getting it out and in again) I felt better after a drink and headed back to retrace my the 13km I pass the big water tower and decide to stop and have a splash in it. So I put my head under the tap and got really good and wet.....that felt great!!!! and then I headed back off to finish up the monaco loop. I was starting to feel a little tired by now but I was still not pushing hard ... just in a good rhythm and ticking along nicely until the 17km mark.......when I let myself focus on the next 2km up hill and nearly gave up then and it was grit teeth and dig it in ... up over the walk way and then along and up Beatson Road. I looked at my watch to check how I was with my time and was really shocked to see I was well up on time and if I had dug it in sooner......bummer!! ... so I decided to push hard for the last km and was so rapt to finish my 20km walk in 2:03:36

Hoping my coach will be pleased with that!!!!! :)

20km out and back monaco

Friday, March 11, 2011

5km atawhai

I swapped my training days around and have now really got myself all mixed up. I was meant to do 8km Today but I swapped it to Thursday but my day ended up getting all mixed up and I literally ran out of time. I was in a meeting that instead of being 30mins was 90 was also my first night at work so I had to be getting ready for work by 4pm...which didnt leave me very long to train. So I figured if I went out and did a quick 5km that would be better than not doing a walk at all. I now realise that I could have x-trained yesterday and done the 8km today. DOH!

My first night at work was great. It didnt take me long to get back into the swing of it all. I didnt take any orders but I was taking meals out and seating people. We had the Crusaders Rugby team in house so it was my job to see they were seated and happy. Then it was back to clearing the tables and resetting them all. I finally finished up at 11pm ....... wow that was a longer night than I expected. My feet hurt, my knees hurt and my back hurts....but it was a fun night and it went past really quick. I think I will be wearing different shoes tonight though.

So here is my data from my shortened walk.  Total time was 28:57

5km atawhai

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

12 km out and back - railway monaco

12km today with 2 x 8mins bursts of race pace.

I came home from work, got changed and headed straight out for my walk. I was feeling really tired. I know that I have not been sleeping properly again but this tired was different......I felt totally drained. While out on this walk I was trying to figure it out.....dehydration??? yes probably, sleep .... not soo much.....iron....arhhhh it dawned on me that I had not taken any iron tablets for over a week. That has to be it.

I managed to do a couple of short bursts but they were not as fast as they should have been. Burst one is at 2km (7mins til 15mins) and burst two was at 6km(30mins til 38mins) The rest of the walk I just felt very slow and sluggish and was tripping over my feet lots. On the way back there is an over pass that we go up and over the Main Road normally I try to r/w up it but today I just walked normally and then slowly race walked along the edge of the main road (10th km on my data) as I was walking along here a lady biked up beside me and was asking about race walking and what pace do I do and was it hard to do etc. It was really lovely and I have told her to find this blog and leave me a message so I can help her out........hope she does......then from there I turn and head up Beatsons....some days I can racewalk the whole way up but today I just plodded up at a normal walk. Even the last km home was not as fast as normal....I was out of energy by then.

Still its an ok time for a 12km - total time 1:15:52

12 km out and back - railway monaco

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

10km out and back - railway reserve

10km today

I was feeling really flat. I had not slept well for the last few nights and so decided not to put too much pressure on myself for this walk. I just went out and ticked along slowly and tried to enjoy it.

I really need to drink more water...hmmm...have to try and figure out a good way to do this. We dont have nice water at it means brining it from home or buying it. But even when I have a water bottle I still dont end up drinking it...I sort of forget its there.

It was an uneventful walk in an ok time. 1:03:14

10km out and back - railway reserve

Monday, March 07, 2011

Sunday - Two Events - What a day!

Man WHAT a day sunday was!!!!  totally awesome but totally exhausting.

1st Event - Weetbix Kids Triathlon
Up at 5am - went and picked up my friend who was helping me and then headed to tahuna park where we met up with the rest of my team.  10 of us in total - we registered and put on our bright red shirts and started setting up the course...............well with most of us caffine deprived -what a hoot it was.  Trying to set up cones in straight lines (yeah right) it looked like we had all been out on the booze!!!!!!!!!!!  talk about bent and wobbly lines lol....then we had collapsable cones to pop up ... all the guys ones sagged in the middle and looked like they really needed viagra to stay up about every kid stands legs each side of these cones and make like a fire hose....lmao)
Well when the gun went off 1300+ screaming kids desended onto us in waves of age groups.........We were in charge of the run section so we were last on the list.  First the kids had 100m sea swim, then a 8km bike ride and last a 1.5 run.  Our job was to make sure the kids stayed on course and followed our route correctly so we directed then in the right directions.. and cheered and clapped and cheered some it was a blast.  I had a great spot as I stood on the corner so I cheered the kids as the went round and back down the path and again when they went past me again to the finish which was only 200m from me.  Raylene got the spot 50m from the finish and loved watching the kids give it their all to finish.  To see the looks on the kids faces when you tell them they are doing great is just priceless..................there were many parents that we all could have SHOT but we wont start on that one!!! grrrrr
Then it was fly home grab pippin, put her into the cage, shower and race away to pick up kayne.  Pippin was not enjoying her ride one little bit and did her best to tell the world she had been kidnapped!!!  She got her revenge though............half way across the Whangamoa's and kayne suddenly goes OMFG you have to stop....stop the he is frantically winding down the window...gagging........I said to him are you sick whats wrong .............and then it hit me..............SH&T........yuck yuck yuck.........poor pippin had gone in teh cage and then sat in it as I came to a screaming halt.  Now what to do???????????? lucky I had the towel over her so I picked her up and wrapped her in that....Kayne took her blanket out of cage but it was unsalvagable so we threw it away.....returned her to cage and she was a happy camper the rest of the way.  Sighs.............Got to Julies place and quickly gave pippin a bath.  Poor pippin sat there totally bewildered....and then managed to get away from me and wedge her self between the bath and the cabnet.....I managed to inch her out and put her into the other carry bag and then she was taken off to picton.....(not a sound out of her the whole way)  Julie says that the wee autistic boy had been waiting all morning  for her.  When they let her out of the cage she hid behind the fire place and so she got her out after a little bit and put her on the dirt box but she ran back to hide again.  She said they kids loved how fluffy she was and assures me she will have the best home there.

2nd Event - Grandma's 90th Birthday Party
Then Kayne an I headed to Grandmas party................. My Grandmother is the Matriarch of our family.  She is the most important person to all of us....and something each of her grandchildren has instilled on their children.  It was lovely to catch up with everyone as it is not often enough that all the cousins get together as well as aunts and uncles.  I honestly think we should have a special day in Summer and head to Whites Bay for a Family Day.  Man that would be so cool.  Katie may was such a good wee girl and to the delight of everyone when the guy sang over the rainbow - Katie-may and I did the sign language to it....I didnt realise anyone was watching.  lol  We also thought to update our 5 generation photo too.

Everyone was starting to pack up and head for home.  So we decided we best head off before it got dark and busy on the roads.  So we shot back home.  Going through the rai saddle and down into the valley kayne noticed a car flash its lights and said ...must be a cop around.........but a few moments later we both noted that there was a really long long line of cars...and both figured that perhaps there was an accident somewhere....... sure enough we come round the corner and see a couple of fire men with the ACCIDENT sign and waving for cars to slow down.  We joined in with the long row of cars slowly snaking along the road....took about 6 km till we came to the scene. had missed a simple bend and plouded straight into the concret power pole snapping it at the base and putting the wires down across the road.  When we went past they had a power company ute parked over the wires with each of the wires under the tyres....(i guess stopping other cars getting tangled up in them)  the car was a mess!!!!!  No sooner had we passed that one that I noticed the cars had all banked up we headed up the Whangamoas to Nelson side.......I thought there may have been another accident .... but nope............just 4 inchs of HAIL!!!!  Kayne thought it had snowed.  So took about 2 and half hours to get home.....I was stuffed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

5km round block - waimea - vanguard

What a crazy weekend. I am so lucky to have an understanding coach.

I am unable to train at all tomorrow. I am one of the volunteers that is helping to run the Weetbix Kids Triathlon. This goes from 6.30am to lunch time. Then I have to zip home get changed, find my cat (as she is going to a new home in Picton) and drive across to Blenheim for my Grandmothers 90th birthday party at its going to be a rush rush day. I was meant to do 15km.

I was going to swap and do the 15km today but today has ended up being a day of visitors...which has been awesome! So I had a small window of opportunity to head out for a walk instead of doing it on the treadmill later tonight...... so I zipped out and did 5km around the block of my home. This is normally not a fast one for me and my avg times for this route would be 31mins. I figured that a short hard 5km would be just as good as a long gentle 15km...hehehehe...

So I pushed hard coming back up Vanguard Street to home.....and was most surprised to see I have done the fastest time for that route....5km in 29:30

5km round block - waimea - vanguard

Friday, March 04, 2011

5km fartlek - Atawhai

I woke this morning to the sound of pouring rain and strong winds. Ugh....the thought of attempting to do a walk in that was not pleasant .. let alone a fartlek. I opted to wait it out for a little bit and that way I can have some breakfast. Hubby came home from work at 7.30am and surprised me with Hot Cakes from Macdonalds for my breakfast......SO naughty but I do like them and it has been a while since I have eaten junk food. My husband works 12 hours shifts - 2 days and 2 nights. So at the moment he is on night shift.

I sat quietly out in the lounge listening to the howling weather willing it to clear up. By 11am it was starting to sound quieter outside and by lunch time the sun was trying to peek through and the wind had stopped. Right, its now or never. I got changed and headed down to the Atawhai Walkway. Its a nice flat walk way and I did think about using just 1km of it and going back and forth......but once I started I just kept going.

My first km I felt really stiff and slow....I didnt feel I was getting into a good rhythm at all. I was breathing hard and pushing to try and get a good fast km. My watch chirped and I slowed for my recovery.....I was breathing hard and felt like my legs were jelly. Gosh where has my fitness gone??? The next 500m came up way too soon and I pushed hard .... I wanted to do my fast 500ms in 2:45 or less and I wanted to keep my recoveries under 3.10

I turned at the 2.5km mark and had to give myself a wee pep talk as I was feeling shattered. My legs just felt empty. My style had improved - I guess I was pretty warmed up by now. I just kept driving my arms and forcing my legs to keep moving. My last 500m was the hardest......I was gasping for air and really struggling. I am actually surprised to see in the data that is was not my slowest 500m as it sure felt like it was.

Total time was 28:53

Here is my data if you want to peek.
5km fartlek - Atawhai

Thursday, March 03, 2011

12km round the port

I had a 12km walk down for todays training.  I thought I would do my scenic walk and go around the big block and take in tahuna and the port.  My legs were feeling pretty tired and after not feeling so flash after last nights walk I decided I would enjoy this walk and just listen to my body.

I had forgotten why I dont do this route - as there is so much to look at going this way - but I was reminded at the 3 km mark and from there after why I dont do this.....and have now written it on my fridge - DONT GO ROUND THE PORT!!!

At 3km the foot paths along Annesbrook drive are awful.  They are twisted and uneven with bigger dips for the drive ways.  I opted to take a small detour to add some extra distance so I popped down Muriti Street and another side street to pop out by Natureland at Tahuna Park.  This part of the walk was really nice as the path is new and nice and smooth.  I zipped along here happily and stopped for a drink at the fountain by the Library.  Again the path way along the water front is not smooth underfoot and its narrow too.  With road works along the main road (they are building a walk path up along the bank on the opposite side of the sea) so trucks were driving hard up against the path.....made it a tad scary that they were so close.

As I came around to the BP Haven, I had to stop my watch while I waited for a gap in the traffic and bolted across the road.  Started again and thought...3km to go...nice!!  Its a slow slog up hill all the way home...its one of those up hills that is not totally obvious to the eye but you can feel it when you walk or run up it.  I was getting tired and my tummy started throwing a few cramps in there for the added fun.  I popped onto the walk way that goes up to my house bang on to my great amusement ... I had heaps of school kids pointing and laughing and mimicking me...............oh the joy!!

I got home in a slightly quicker time that I had planned.  1:14:52  thats an avg pace of 6:14 and I am happy with that.

My only problem is my inner calf is hurting on my left leg.  I think the camber and new shoes was just too much for it.  So out with the ice gel .....  I plan to get up and do my 5km fartlek tomorrow morning.  Will head to the Atawahi walkway for that one.

12km round the port

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

5km series - Kateri Drive

Today was meant to be a x-train day for me but seeing as my coach had given me Tuesday off (10km) due to my Migraine ... I thought I would go out and do the Richmond 5km ....Its also the last one I can do as I start waitressing next week and the series stops at the end of March as day light savings stops and so it will be too dark.

Seeing as I had such a great walk on Monday and that was with the headache...I felt sure I would have a great walk today. My migraine had finally stopped and I thought I felt fine. It had been pouring with rain all morning and was really really windy. With huge winds through the night too. It was nice that it cleared up and become really muggy and hot...with the wind still there.

We all lined up and some of us were chatting at the back and so when we started we got caught behind the big group of walkers. It took about 400m to get past and start into a good pace. This was a nice flat course and one that I felt I could have a good chance at hitting a low first km was under 6mins and the 2nd was quicker...then the wheels feel off everything. At about the 2.75 km mark I started getting spots in front of my eyes and my head started to swirl. I felt terribly nauseous and was struggling to walk a straight line. I slowed up and as we turned on the main road again we had our typical evening head wind. With some good gusts that were really knocking me about. It was the same for all of us, but I did slow down alot. I pushed on through and thought...its only one km to go......I know I can do that. By now my vision was terrible and I was feeling really badly......I was breathing very hard yet my heart rate didnt seem to show I should have been.

I crossed the finish line and quietly slipped away into the park and found a quiet spot to lay down. I lay on the cool grass for about 5mins and slowly started to feel better. I know what was wrong and I guess hindsight ... it was silly of me to have walked tonight. This migraine had turned out to be one of those "bad" ones...and so I had taken lots more medication than I normally do. I hate to take pills of any kind, so really resent taking them for the migraines as they do knock me around and make me very "foggy" headed for a couple of days.

So the time tonight was still a fast time 29:01

5km series - Kateri Drive