Friday, March 18, 2011

10km kick down - atawhai

Today was my 10km Kickdown. Its been a wee while since I have done a kick down and so I was a little unsure of myself on this. My style has changed so much in the last couple of months plus I have lost about 5kg too which means I am out of kilter with how my pace feels. I used to know exactly how fast I was walking....but now.....when I feel like I am going slow I am not and then when I feel I am going fast I am not.....

After feeling so tired yesterday I was not sure how I would go today. The sleepless nights are draining but there is little I can do about them. Last night I only woke up 3 times so I actually got a good couple of blocks of sleep. I am also looking into carrying with me some better drinks. Perhaps even some peak fuel jels to slurp on to give me a quick shot of energy to help me through days like yesterday.

I picked the Atawhai course today as it is one of the flatter courses and the walk way is good underfoot. I decided to set my watch to record just the kicks at 2.5km each and I had my watch on the 2nd view setting so it would show me my last lap and my current lap. That way I could tell that I was getting faster with each kick. I started out and felt like I was going nice and slow.....I wanted to do 6.20 - 6.10 - 6.00 - 5.50 well that was my intention. The first km and it was 6.04 way to fast but it didnt feel like I was walking that fast so I tried to slow it down again and at the 2km it was 12:15 still too fast so when my first lap bleeped at 2.5km in a time of 14:57 I knew I was way off pace. All I could do was try to get the next kick in the correct time and continue from there. I felt much better out there today. My head didnt feel as foggy and my body and muscles felt great. Again the 2.5km bleeped and once again I was still too was better but still to fast for the next two kicks. I turned and headed back and the heat really came on. It was a great Nelson summer day, no clouds and hot hot sun. It was a good 27degs and I was feeling it now. I pushed on and was aiming for 6min kms and I hit that one pretty much bang on but now it was that last kick.......did I have the energy left to get 5.50 per km. I was breathing hard now and sweat was pouring off me. I dont normally sweat much when I walk, but I do once I stop. But today it was hot and I was really trying. My eyes were stinging as sweat had got in them but I was determined to get my target time for the last kick. I heard my watch bleep and I hit the stop. Almost to scared to look at the time.....14:30 for 2.5km = avg pace 5:48 YES!!!! Then I clicked my watch over to the normal screen and saw the actual complete time for the 10km and had to look twice to check it was right. I had done a 10km kick down in 59:28

Its amazing what some sleep can do ay! for both mental and physical well being.

10km kick down - atawhai

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Tammy said...

very, very nice. I'm jealous of your fast times!!! And you have lost 5kg too? WOW! Sigh...I feel I have so far to go. I gained 2kg over the last month (you understand why...) and my fitness is back to zero. Jim has me down for a 3k fartlek tomorrow and I am going to be so embarrassed to even post my time after seeing your speedy times. Ugh...I have got to pull myself together but it's so hard right now...