Sunday, March 20, 2011

20km out and back - monaco

I was not really enthused about walking today. I had worked late last night and had not had the best nights sleep. Hubby got home at 7.30am and even brought us breakfast so by eating that I knew I would not be walking until 12.00

I curled back up in bed with a full tummy and promptly went to sleep waking up at 10.30 so I leapt out of bed and threw my training gear on and headed out the door. First thing my walkman was flat, so went back and put it in the letter box. My head was feeling pretty foggy so I decided that I would just concentrate on style and distance and not even look at the time or pace. It was pretty warm out there today and so at the 5km I went past the big water tank by the Honest Lawyer pub, I stopped and had a good bird bath under the tap. I carried on out and thought I would head out on the new walkway they are building. I walked almost to the end (I only needed for my watch to bleep 10km and I knew I had gone far enough) as I walked back following my steps I was starting to feel a bit fatigued and so I thought that if I walked back up to Monaco that would gain me 2km and hence stop me for 20km at the base of Beatson Road, then I could just walk the 2km to home. I liked that idea alot and so stopped again at the water tank for another bird bath and a good drink. I topped up my drink bottle while I was here too.

I was trying to enjoy this walk and just let my pace be what ever my body would allow. It fluctuated between 6:05 and 6:20 and ended up being an avg pace of 6:20 at no time was I pushing to go faster I was just ticking along trying to just get into a good nice rhythm.

Total time for today 2:06:46 and I am ok with that considering how I was feeling I am really pleased with that.

20km out and back - monaco

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