Saturday, March 19, 2011

10km Atawhai

10km today .... with no add in's which means I can just go and enjoy it.

I picked the Atawhai course again but I must admit its getting boring again. I took a drink with me this time. I have found a little 250mil bottle that tucks into my back pocket on my top. After talking with Jim he suggested I be drinking more electrolyte type drinks - like poweraide etc. So while shopping I found a power that just mix with water called Vitasport - Re hydration isotonic sports drink. So I mixed this up and took it with me too.

It is another very hot day with no wind so it didnt take long before my eyes were stinging from sweat trickling into them. I must find some sort of a hat to wear....I found a nice pace and slipped into it and just cruised along enjoying my music and the nice weather. At about 4km my right knee started to gave me a couple of really good sharp zaps so I decided to stop at 5km take a good drink and have a stretch. It felt better so I headed back for home and just took it easy, staying in my wee groove. I stopped again at the 8km mark to take another drink (the bottle I take is not one for drinking out of while goes up your nose!!) and my knee was still a little sore.

I was trying hard to not think about tomorrow. For many I am being paranoid, for others I am being cautious but I really dont want to walk tomorrow. Not because its 20km but because of the man Ken Moon who predicted the last two earthquakes and has said there will be another on March 20th through Christchurch, Marlborough and Nelson. I dont really want to be away from home and my two courses I use for 20km are not what I would call "safe" both follow along the shore line with one on the side of hills. So I was probably not consternating on my style enough and hence the sore knee. ANY how...............I hope on all hope that NOTHING happens tomorrow, and I will go for my walk and then go to work that night and it will be like every other day.

So for my last km I decided to push a little and try to get my 10km done in under 60mins .............. gosh what a long way Jim has brought me. It was only a few months ago that 60mins for 10km was my full on race time and now its my training pace. Awesome!!!

Total time 59:49

10km Atawhai

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