Tuesday, March 22, 2011

12km out and back - monaco

Today was a 12km with 2 bursts of race pace for 10 mins. Well thats what it was meant to be. I managed one burst but the other burst did not last. I think I have realised that I am no longer peaking and its now getting hard again.

I was feeling a lot fresher today and not having a busy night at work helped. I was able to come home and relax for a bit before heading to bed. I really wanted to do well today and pick my pace back up again. My right knee has been plaguing me abit and it seems to have moved down to my ankle now aswell. I was trying to concentrate on my style today but the whole time I could feel behind my knee getting tighter and tighter. If I tightened my glutes it definitely pulled tight so I know it is a problem with my glutes....its just how to fix it. As my knee would pull tight my ankle would start to throb. It never hurt at any time...but I could feel it. When I got out to the 6km mark I turned and noticed a tap on the outta wall of the toilet block. As it was hot and I had not brought my water I stopped quickly to have a wee splash and then set off for home. I was much slower now and was finding my energy starting to wane. I expected this as I had not eaten since 7.30am and have only had a coffee since. Time to invest in the energy gels to take with me on walks.

Instead of coming up Beatsons Road I thought I would take the slightly longer way back up. It weaves back and forth and is not as steep, but I dont think I made it up any quicker than going up the other way.

So my walk was done in 1:14:16 - not my best 12km but not my worst. I know that I really need someone to check out my style as I really feel like I am doing something odd. Time to get the video camera out again.

12km out and back - monaco

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Tammy said...

Very nice. I am to do 12K tomorrow and if I do under 1:19 I will be happy with that. 1:18 would be better...but it's doubtful in my current state. You are on fire ---- GO NYLE!