Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10km out and back monaco

A quick up date.

After only getting 4 hours sleep last night I was not feeling to flash about this walk. But needless to say I was doing it no matter what so that I could get home by 3pm and grab an hour of sleep before work again tonight.

It was muggy but not stinking hot but the brisk breeze annoyed me when I turned at the 5km point and so my times dropped for the 5th and 6th km....it doesnt take much of a breeze to zap you of energy and when you didnt have much to start with ...well...I was pooped!! I tried to complete the first 5km in under 30mins and I managed it just.....29:47 so I was ok with that. I felt terribly slow but again note that my pace was still fairly consistant around the 6min/km

Total time for the 10km was 1:00:36 so avg pace of 6:03

Now I have to get ready for work at 6pm and probably get home around midnight again....but with hubby not working tomorrow I get to sleep until 7am not 5am!!! Yay for small blessings.

10km out and back monaco

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Tammy said...

wow, Nyle - 6:00/km and not in a race? you are SO fast these days! I have to admit that with my lack of training I feel I will never catch you...but I guess that is not really the point? Anyway, good job! I'm happy for you!