Wednesday, March 09, 2011

12 km out and back - railway monaco

12km today with 2 x 8mins bursts of race pace.

I came home from work, got changed and headed straight out for my walk. I was feeling really tired. I know that I have not been sleeping properly again but this tired was different......I felt totally drained. While out on this walk I was trying to figure it out.....dehydration??? yes probably, sleep .... not soo much.....iron....arhhhh it dawned on me that I had not taken any iron tablets for over a week. That has to be it.

I managed to do a couple of short bursts but they were not as fast as they should have been. Burst one is at 2km (7mins til 15mins) and burst two was at 6km(30mins til 38mins) The rest of the walk I just felt very slow and sluggish and was tripping over my feet lots. On the way back there is an over pass that we go up and over the Main Road normally I try to r/w up it but today I just walked normally and then slowly race walked along the edge of the main road (10th km on my data) as I was walking along here a lady biked up beside me and was asking about race walking and what pace do I do and was it hard to do etc. It was really lovely and I have told her to find this blog and leave me a message so I can help her out........hope she does......then from there I turn and head up Beatsons....some days I can racewalk the whole way up but today I just plodded up at a normal walk. Even the last km home was not as fast as normal....I was out of energy by then.

Still its an ok time for a 12km - total time 1:15:52

12 km out and back - railway monaco

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