Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5km series - Robbies way

Tonight is the last 5km Richmond series. These run during our day light savings and that all ends this weekend as we turn our clocks back 1 hour.

I had really hoped to do a low 28min for this walk. It was on a new course that was fairly flat. Half on tarmac and half on gravel walkway. But by the time I started getting ready my tummy was very queasy and I was feeling burby and not to flash. I got to the start line and was feeling more nauseous and I almost didnt start. In the end I figured that at worst I could just slow it down and enjoy the walk instead of going hell for leather. (Hind site: should not have had so much cheese in my cheese and pineapple toasty for lunch)

We started out and I easily slipped into a nice solid pace. I had my friend running beside me and I was feeling good, it was nice to have her to pace against. She slowly pulled away from me but was replaced with Tod who was walking the fastest I have ever seen him walk. We went through the first km in 5:38. The road started getting rough underfoot for the next km so we slowed a little. We pop out next to the beach and hit the beach just at the 2km mark. The gravel was hard to walk on as it made it almost slippery. As Tod was not race walking he pulled in front of me and I slipped in behind him. I had suddenly had a wave of nausea and slowed up lots. At the 2.5km mark I suddenly started dry reaching and was sure I was actually going to vomit. I walked up a little rise and gathered my self took some deep breaths and started up again. By now there was about 20m between me and todd and I just decided to flag it and let him go. I picked my way along the walk way and then over the board walk (made to get you over the swamp) and finally popped back out on to the road. I struggled for the 3rd km with nausea and finally managed to settle in to a slower pace. The last km back to the finish was back on tarmac but I just couldnt pick up my speed to make chase after Todd. I finished in a good time even so but not the time I was hoping for.

Its now 3 hours since the race and I am still feeling nauseous and unwell. Couldn't even face eating any tea. I just hope like mad I have not got the bug that my grand daughter and her dad have had over the weekend.

Again I had forgotten to change my watch so it recorded it at 2.5km but I have worked out my km splits.

1km - 5:38
2km - 5:42
3km - 5:55
4km - 6:20
5km - 6:08

total time of 29:43

5km series - Robbies way

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Tammy said...

sub-30 with almost puking is really good...I'm sorry you feel so bad & hope you are better SOON!