Sunday, March 13, 2011

20km out and back monaco

Last night I decided to wear a pedometer to work as I was curious to see how far I actually walked with going back and forth from kitchen to tables etc. I walked 5.1km last night and it was a relativly quiet night too. So now I dont feel quite so bad for not training yesterday.........the event I wanted to walk in was canceled as no one showed up.

So I got a better sleep last night. Was woken up at 8am by Benni (our new kitten) who decided that it was play time and any thing that moved on the bed was a target. So I got up and that I am up I may aswell head out and do the 20km. I had a big drink of water and one of my energy jells. I was not planning on doing any particular time....I honestly just wanted to get the 20km done.

I picked the walk out along the reserve and taking in the leg of Monaco - trying to find a nice 20km course that is easy underfoot. I started out and set into a nice pace....was not to hard and I felt good. I picked my way down beatsons road and headed out along the walkway. I passed so many runners from the club and also was a nice busy morning. The weather was perfect. No wind, no cloud and a nice warm 23deg....I reached my turn point and stopped for a moment to take a drink. (I had found a little bottle that will fit in my back pocket...its just tricky getting it out and in again) I felt better after a drink and headed back to retrace my the 13km I pass the big water tower and decide to stop and have a splash in it. So I put my head under the tap and got really good and wet.....that felt great!!!! and then I headed back off to finish up the monaco loop. I was starting to feel a little tired by now but I was still not pushing hard ... just in a good rhythm and ticking along nicely until the 17km mark.......when I let myself focus on the next 2km up hill and nearly gave up then and it was grit teeth and dig it in ... up over the walk way and then along and up Beatson Road. I looked at my watch to check how I was with my time and was really shocked to see I was well up on time and if I had dug it in sooner......bummer!! ... so I decided to push hard for the last km and was so rapt to finish my 20km walk in 2:03:36

Hoping my coach will be pleased with that!!!!! :)

20km out and back monaco

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