Thursday, March 03, 2011

12km round the port

I had a 12km walk down for todays training.  I thought I would do my scenic walk and go around the big block and take in tahuna and the port.  My legs were feeling pretty tired and after not feeling so flash after last nights walk I decided I would enjoy this walk and just listen to my body.

I had forgotten why I dont do this route - as there is so much to look at going this way - but I was reminded at the 3 km mark and from there after why I dont do this.....and have now written it on my fridge - DONT GO ROUND THE PORT!!!

At 3km the foot paths along Annesbrook drive are awful.  They are twisted and uneven with bigger dips for the drive ways.  I opted to take a small detour to add some extra distance so I popped down Muriti Street and another side street to pop out by Natureland at Tahuna Park.  This part of the walk was really nice as the path is new and nice and smooth.  I zipped along here happily and stopped for a drink at the fountain by the Library.  Again the path way along the water front is not smooth underfoot and its narrow too.  With road works along the main road (they are building a walk path up along the bank on the opposite side of the sea) so trucks were driving hard up against the path.....made it a tad scary that they were so close.

As I came around to the BP Haven, I had to stop my watch while I waited for a gap in the traffic and bolted across the road.  Started again and thought...3km to go...nice!!  Its a slow slog up hill all the way home...its one of those up hills that is not totally obvious to the eye but you can feel it when you walk or run up it.  I was getting tired and my tummy started throwing a few cramps in there for the added fun.  I popped onto the walk way that goes up to my house bang on to my great amusement ... I had heaps of school kids pointing and laughing and mimicking me...............oh the joy!!

I got home in a slightly quicker time that I had planned.  1:14:52  thats an avg pace of 6:14 and I am happy with that.

My only problem is my inner calf is hurting on my left leg.  I think the camber and new shoes was just too much for it.  So out with the ice gel .....  I plan to get up and do my 5km fartlek tomorrow morning.  Will head to the Atawahi walkway for that one.

12km round the port

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