Thursday, March 24, 2011

15km out and back - Monaco

I was feeling pretty good today and was looking forward to this walk. This good mood lasted for about 2mins into the walk!!!!

I left from home but instead of going up the track I thought it might be easier or better to follow along the road and then up to the track. Wrong!!!!! it may have been flatter but the last 100m was way much steeper and harder on my body that the smaller incline of the track. As I continued along and down Beatson's Road my ankle started to hurt. I thought I should stop but then I also thought it might pass. so I continued on but made sure I was super careful with my style and how I was landing my feet. The pain started out as heat and my ankle felt very weak, but by the 3km mark it was hurting. Each time I attempted to push off I would have pain either side of my Achilles by my heel and back of ankle. I was trying so hard to walk the right way that oddly enough.......I completely lost it and totally forgot how to get my legs and hips going. I thought that I could stop in at my work and ring home to get shane to come and get me.......then I thought 'just give it one more km"......well somehow it came right and the pain stopped.

I carried on found myself going slower and slower. The harder I tried to pick up my pace or quicken my cadence the slower I got. My hamstrings were tight and my hips had little movement. I felt stiff and totally uncoordinated. I knew I still had 3 km of uphill to get home so I had to just settle in to what ever pace my body wanted to do. I managed to r/w most of the Beatson Road hill and it was not until my last km that I felt normal and managed to pick up so pace.

My total time was 1:34:41 avg pace of 6:18

On a side note - I have not been writing down any of my walks. I upload my data and it stays on the Garmin site. It is not that easy to compare to other walks so I spent the last couple of nights putting the basic data into a spreadsheet with a tab per distance. Now I can quickly see my improvements over each distance and also see my 'best" times etc. So even though I didnt have a great walk and it felt off pace and slow to is my fastest 15km

15km out and back - Monaco

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Tammy said...

Great work despite aches and pains. I am sure Jim is on it and will help you figure them out.