Thursday, March 17, 2011

12km out and back - Atawhai

I am exhausted.  I have had three nights in a row with about 3 hours sleep in each night.   But today it all really caught up on me and I felt totally exhausted.  I knew I had to walk 12 km today and I also new I was to add in 2 8mins bursts of race pace.  Well here is where I say sorry to my coach....there was no way there was going to be any bursts.  I headed out to do my walk mid afternoon and it had a good brisk head wind for my first 6km.  I was so tired that I actually felt that I could fall asleep if I closed my eyes for long enough.  When I turned at the 6km mark and had the wind at my back I did try to push up my pace a number of times...but you cant tell it by my data and I would only last about 300m and then would fade.  In fact at one stage I found myself in my old double support style and quickly had to shorten my stride and get going again.  Yes my time was ok.....its about the same for my last 12 km but that one had a big hill to go up.  This walk I felt so so slow and really struggled to keep one foot in front of the other.  I was so tired that I honestly just wanted to flop on to our bed when I got home and just lay there.,  But I had to go to track tonight and school 20 juniors in how to race walk and then watch the under 10's do 400m and the over 10's do 1km......and as hope would have it.....there were 3 star walkers emerge.....2 boys and 1 girl!! None of which have ever walked before and just naturally had the swagger.

Funny enough, I was only just talking to a friend the night before about how you can have a great walk one day and then totally bomb the next and that no matter what you must always find something positive about the walk.  So my positive for today's walk is that I walked 12km today.

I am not looking forward to my 10km kick down tomorrow as I can feel it will be a tough one.

Total time 1:15:04

12km out and back - Atawhai

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