Sunday, December 23, 2012

8km training along the walkway

I wanted to do this walk in the morning but I slept in.  I figured that I needed the sleep so didnt stress too much.  It was an over cast day and very muggy.  We had been out for most of the day.  Shopping at Pacific Fair and the super bunnings store.

As the day went on I kept putting off my walk til at 4pm I knew I had to go out and do it.  It was lovely to chat with Tammy in Salt Lake City......she is training in snow....I think I really need to harden up ALOT....

While it was hot, I managed to tick along ok.  The good news is NO hip pain.  Yay!!!!  I decided to do the walkway 4 x as it is a measured 2km and at the moment the road that I normally walk along is being targeted by some creep who is accosting women along it ... didnt think I could be bothered beating off some random guy during my walk.... lol  Pus its good training for the 2km loop races.

I am always so slow on this walk way....I think its due to it being concrete...has no give at all.

8km was done in 50:52 for an avg pace of 6:21

Slow but walks are meant to be!

8km walkway

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3km Fartlek in 93% humidity

I got to the track nice and early.  When I got out of the car I was surprised by how damp the air felt.  I was dripping before I even made it to the side of the track.

Phew this was going to be a hard slog.  I warmed up with 3 laps with kay and was struggling to breathe....kind of felt like a mile dose of asthma.

I started out and by the second lap was starting to fade.  I was gasping for air and struggling to get my legs moving.  First km in 5:28

Recovery was just that....took me 200m to gather myself again.  I hit the next 500m for the fast section and really had to push myself to get going.  The air was thick and felt hard to push though.  As I crossed the next 500m mark I started dry retching....oh joy....well it may not have been fast but I sure know I was pushing hard. 

Now I just had one fast 500m to go.  I pushed hard and struggled to keep myself going.  I was so pleased to click stop on my watch.

Weather was over cast (a storm is brewing) 27 degs and 93% humidity

1st km 5:28
2km 3:12 + 2:54
3km 3:14 + 2:48
total 17:37

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gold Coast Champs - Two races in one morning

The racing started at 8.30am today with the 5000m track walk and then at 11.30am it was to be the 1500m.

I was unsure about the 1500m as I am no good at short distance - I have no fast twitch muscles on me lol 

When I got to the track it was over cast and I held hope that it would stay that way and give me a good shot at the 5km, but we lined up the cloud lifted and the sun beat down.  I was told it was 27 degs with 67% humidity when we started.  The first thing to happen was a false start.  In all my racing days I have never heard the gun go off after we start and get called back.  Apparently the electronic timer didn't go off with the gun, so we line up again and away we go.  I decided to sit on Paul"s heel for the start and try to keep pace with him but by the second lap I could feel he was slowing so I made the decision to pass him.  I was happy enough until 2.5km in to the race and then the heat started to effect me badly.  I was drinking each lap and I choose to wear a hat and glasses ... but by 3km my head felt like it was going to explode...not from pain...but heat.  My face felt like it was BRIGHT red and throbbing.  Then to add to the confusion my laps started to get mixed up and so I pressed the km lap on my watch one lap early.  I was having trouble concentrating to even work out what lap I was actually on.  Lucky I did figure it 4km time got me back on track.  I was so thankful to hear that last bell and to finish.  I am very happy with my time of 30.22 considering as I am struggling to get 32 mins in training...but we now know thats due to concrete path and dehydration.

5000m data here

I spoke to Jim and had decided to flag the 1500m but when I went to leave everyone begged me to stay and just walk slowly but that they really wanted me to join in.  .....  So I stayed ... lol
Here we are before the start of the 1500....all smiling happily.

1500m - I knew this race was going to hurt....alot.....not physically....but mentally.  We lined up to start and after standing out in the sun for 20mins we found they were going to let the runners go first.  So us walkers marched off to find shade.  10min later we line up again and wouldn't you know it....the gun fails again and again we are called back.  LOL  We line up again for our 3.7 laps .... I started out and felt like I had walked into a wall dragging a tyre behind me.  The heat was unbearable.  It was radiating up from the track and burning my feet in my shoes.

 By lap 2 I felt like I was just crawling...I could barely put one foot in front of the other and I had to really egg myself to keep going ... it was only one more lap to go.  I have never raced 1500 m and I cant say that I like it.  Yes its over fast but your lungs are just screaming.  My legs were dead and so didnt complain at all.  My time was 8.32 and while I am not thrilled with that, I am ok with that.

1500 m data here

and here is my bounty for the days racing

Two awesome is that.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

slow going

Hmmm well its been a wee while since I last posted.

I have decided to go right back to the basics and rebuild.  My fitness is completely gone now and I am struggling.  Poor eating and lack of water have lead me to the path I find myself on.  I have no one to blame but myself.

I struggle at the moment to get 5km out in 32 mins.  I know that many are very happy with that time and I know I should be too....but.... I am way to competitive to be satisfied with any thing but the best from myself and I know I can ... or could .. do better.

So for the last week I have been getting up at 5.30am and "normal" walking with Shane for 5.5km...walking briskly and enjoying being out.  I wanted to achieve 7 days in a row .. I made it to 5 and was so tired by the 6th day and had a very sore back that I flagged it.  Shane ended up with a blister so I walked by  myself yesterday and managed 31.41 for 5km so I am feeling a little happier.

I spoke to Jim about this tonight.  I am feeling lethargic, struggling with concentration and exhausted by afternoons.  I have no strength when I walk and my headaches seem to be more regular.  Turns out that all of these are signs of extreme dehydration.  I know this.....I have always had issues with the amount of water I drink and I guess I just get so busy and focused on what I am doing I just forget to drink.  Its not until I go to bed that I realise that all I have drunk for the whole day is 2 cups of coffee and maybe a glass or two of wine.  Hmmmmm that doesn't actually count as fluid.  Plus over here the humidity dehydrates you quickly too

Somehow I need to address this ... and I have NO idea how to.  Everyone has great ideas and I try to give them a go...........but I can have a water bottle on my desk right beside me and still not drink from it.  I just literally 'forget' its there.  I have one last suggestion to try.....and that is setting my alarm on my cell phone for every hour I am at work and I have to drink each time it goes off.

I will see how I go over the weekend with this...........I can see me getting lots of exercise over short distance as I will be running back and forth to the toilet for the first few days.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

A very hot and sticky 5km

 I got up at 8am and it was hot.....27degs!

 My hip/glute and IT band has not gotten any better so I figured that sitting around is not helping and walking doesn't make it any worse, so I would try a walk.

I am not really sure of what distances I should be trying to do as I start out again.  I know that if I were to go too far it would set me back so I am hoping that 5km is an ok distance for a few walks.  Then slowly increase the distance each day.

 I got out on the walkway and WOW it was hot.  The air felt really sticky and thick but I didnt struggle like the other night.  I kept it slow and just concentrated on my form and tried hard to use my glutes.  My hip/right leg was hurting but not enough to make me stop.  I turned and headed back, dodging dogs, children and strollers...there were alot of people there today.  I kept looking at the sea and wanting to run and jump in!

I finished in 32:14 only 10seconds faster than the other day but I didn't feel as thrashed which was good.  I got home and stretched and will roll my hip then sit on some ice.

A hot sticky 5km