Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3km Fartlek in 93% humidity

I got to the track nice and early.  When I got out of the car I was surprised by how damp the air felt.  I was dripping before I even made it to the side of the track.

Phew this was going to be a hard slog.  I warmed up with 3 laps with kay and was struggling to breathe....kind of felt like a mile dose of asthma.

I started out and by the second lap was starting to fade.  I was gasping for air and struggling to get my legs moving.  First km in 5:28

Recovery was just that....took me 200m to gather myself again.  I hit the next 500m for the fast section and really had to push myself to get going.  The air was thick and felt hard to push though.  As I crossed the next 500m mark I started dry retching....oh joy....well it may not have been fast but I sure know I was pushing hard. 

Now I just had one fast 500m to go.  I pushed hard and struggled to keep myself going.  I was so pleased to click stop on my watch.

Weather was over cast (a storm is brewing) 27 degs and 93% humidity

1st km 5:28
2km 3:12 + 2:54
3km 3:14 + 2:48
total 17:37

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Tammy said...

I'll keep my cold weather, thanks! It was 33F (1C) here this morning but I'd rather that than 27C and humid. UGH! You poor thing! Hang in there...you'll get fast again.