Saturday, December 15, 2012

slow going

Hmmm well its been a wee while since I last posted.

I have decided to go right back to the basics and rebuild.  My fitness is completely gone now and I am struggling.  Poor eating and lack of water have lead me to the path I find myself on.  I have no one to blame but myself.

I struggle at the moment to get 5km out in 32 mins.  I know that many are very happy with that time and I know I should be too....but.... I am way to competitive to be satisfied with any thing but the best from myself and I know I can ... or could .. do better.

So for the last week I have been getting up at 5.30am and "normal" walking with Shane for 5.5km...walking briskly and enjoying being out.  I wanted to achieve 7 days in a row .. I made it to 5 and was so tired by the 6th day and had a very sore back that I flagged it.  Shane ended up with a blister so I walked by  myself yesterday and managed 31.41 for 5km so I am feeling a little happier.

I spoke to Jim about this tonight.  I am feeling lethargic, struggling with concentration and exhausted by afternoons.  I have no strength when I walk and my headaches seem to be more regular.  Turns out that all of these are signs of extreme dehydration.  I know this.....I have always had issues with the amount of water I drink and I guess I just get so busy and focused on what I am doing I just forget to drink.  Its not until I go to bed that I realise that all I have drunk for the whole day is 2 cups of coffee and maybe a glass or two of wine.  Hmmmmm that doesn't actually count as fluid.  Plus over here the humidity dehydrates you quickly too

Somehow I need to address this ... and I have NO idea how to.  Everyone has great ideas and I try to give them a go...........but I can have a water bottle on my desk right beside me and still not drink from it.  I just literally 'forget' its there.  I have one last suggestion to try.....and that is setting my alarm on my cell phone for every hour I am at work and I have to drink each time it goes off.

I will see how I go over the weekend with this...........I can see me getting lots of exercise over short distance as I will be running back and forth to the toilet for the first few days.

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