Saturday, December 01, 2012

A very hot and sticky 5km

 I got up at 8am and it was hot.....27degs!

 My hip/glute and IT band has not gotten any better so I figured that sitting around is not helping and walking doesn't make it any worse, so I would try a walk.

I am not really sure of what distances I should be trying to do as I start out again.  I know that if I were to go too far it would set me back so I am hoping that 5km is an ok distance for a few walks.  Then slowly increase the distance each day.

 I got out on the walkway and WOW it was hot.  The air felt really sticky and thick but I didnt struggle like the other night.  I kept it slow and just concentrated on my form and tried hard to use my glutes.  My hip/right leg was hurting but not enough to make me stop.  I turned and headed back, dodging dogs, children and strollers...there were alot of people there today.  I kept looking at the sea and wanting to run and jump in!

I finished in 32:14 only 10seconds faster than the other day but I didn't feel as thrashed which was good.  I got home and stretched and will roll my hip then sit on some ice.

A hot sticky 5km

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