Sunday, December 23, 2012

8km training along the walkway

I wanted to do this walk in the morning but I slept in.  I figured that I needed the sleep so didnt stress too much.  It was an over cast day and very muggy.  We had been out for most of the day.  Shopping at Pacific Fair and the super bunnings store.

As the day went on I kept putting off my walk til at 4pm I knew I had to go out and do it.  It was lovely to chat with Tammy in Salt Lake City......she is training in snow....I think I really need to harden up ALOT....

While it was hot, I managed to tick along ok.  The good news is NO hip pain.  Yay!!!!  I decided to do the walkway 4 x as it is a measured 2km and at the moment the road that I normally walk along is being targeted by some creep who is accosting women along it ... didnt think I could be bothered beating off some random guy during my walk.... lol  Pus its good training for the 2km loop races.

I am always so slow on this walk way....I think its due to it being concrete...has no give at all.

8km was done in 50:52 for an avg pace of 6:21

Slow but walks are meant to be!

8km walkway

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