Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gold Coast Champs - Two races in one morning

The racing started at 8.30am today with the 5000m track walk and then at 11.30am it was to be the 1500m.

I was unsure about the 1500m as I am no good at short distance - I have no fast twitch muscles on me lol 

When I got to the track it was over cast and I held hope that it would stay that way and give me a good shot at the 5km, but we lined up the cloud lifted and the sun beat down.  I was told it was 27 degs with 67% humidity when we started.  The first thing to happen was a false start.  In all my racing days I have never heard the gun go off after we start and get called back.  Apparently the electronic timer didn't go off with the gun, so we line up again and away we go.  I decided to sit on Paul"s heel for the start and try to keep pace with him but by the second lap I could feel he was slowing so I made the decision to pass him.  I was happy enough until 2.5km in to the race and then the heat started to effect me badly.  I was drinking each lap and I choose to wear a hat and glasses ... but by 3km my head felt like it was going to explode...not from pain...but heat.  My face felt like it was BRIGHT red and throbbing.  Then to add to the confusion my laps started to get mixed up and so I pressed the km lap on my watch one lap early.  I was having trouble concentrating to even work out what lap I was actually on.  Lucky I did figure it 4km time got me back on track.  I was so thankful to hear that last bell and to finish.  I am very happy with my time of 30.22 considering as I am struggling to get 32 mins in training...but we now know thats due to concrete path and dehydration.

5000m data here

I spoke to Jim and had decided to flag the 1500m but when I went to leave everyone begged me to stay and just walk slowly but that they really wanted me to join in.  .....  So I stayed ... lol
Here we are before the start of the 1500....all smiling happily.

1500m - I knew this race was going to hurt....alot.....not physically....but mentally.  We lined up to start and after standing out in the sun for 20mins we found they were going to let the runners go first.  So us walkers marched off to find shade.  10min later we line up again and wouldn't you know it....the gun fails again and again we are called back.  LOL  We line up again for our 3.7 laps .... I started out and felt like I had walked into a wall dragging a tyre behind me.  The heat was unbearable.  It was radiating up from the track and burning my feet in my shoes.

 By lap 2 I felt like I was just crawling...I could barely put one foot in front of the other and I had to really egg myself to keep going ... it was only one more lap to go.  I have never raced 1500 m and I cant say that I like it.  Yes its over fast but your lungs are just screaming.  My legs were dead and so didnt complain at all.  My time was 8.32 and while I am not thrilled with that, I am ok with that.

1500 m data here

and here is my bounty for the days racing

Two awesome is that.

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