Sunday, November 28, 2010

15 km out and back

Todays training was 15km and to add in two bursts of race pace for 2km........ it was a great plan that sadly didnt come to fruition. I woke up this morning feeling totally shattered. I decided to have some breakfast before I walked so that I would have some fuel to burn. So I waited for two hours after eating it. I also noticed that it was getting very warm very fast. It was already 20degs and it was only 9am. I had a hunt around the house to see if I could find the waist camel pack but I couldnt find it so headed it out without it. (Big mistake!!!)

I headed out from home and decided to walk down to the atawhai walkway, I was struggling to push my self any faster than 6.20pace and thought that once I get on to the walkway I would come right. I didnt, and was having trouble finding any energy to push with. I was not breathing hard, I just felt heavy and out of steam. I got to the turn around (when my watch said 7.5 km ) and headed back. By now I was really feeling the need for water, so badly that I almost stopped a cyclist and asked him if he had any water. It was during this walk that I realised - here in Nelson we have this amazing network of walkways and cycle ways for people to walk/jog/run/cycle but that there are NO Water fountains anywhere!!!! I knew there was a fountain by the library so I headed to that. It was pretty much the 12km mark that I stopped and sprayed my self with water and had some good long drinks. The last three km were back up to home and I knew they would be hard. It was getting hotter and hotter and I was feeling weaker and weaker. I set off with just the aim of getting home. All in all, my body held out, I wore my race shoes and my toes didnt hurt in them. It was a very slow 15km - 1:38:18 for an avg pace of 6.33 and heart rate of 143.

15 km Data

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pub Run - Charlies Bar

Decided to do the Pub run today. I was hoping to walk with a couple of the other walkers but I think most of them had gone out and walked the Mahana Half today or the 10km.

My feet were still a little tender so I had already decided to take it pretty quiet. It was a course I had not walked before and I was not sure of where it went. When I got to the start and found out that we were to go over Days track....I thought ... geep there go my toes. Days track is pretty much a vertical path that is pretty much all steps. It is hard going and then just as steep on the down side. So need less to say I took it very slowly and saved my toes.

It was a scoring hot day today. My hubby and I had spent the morning at the Flea Market and managed to pick up a couple of Xmas presents and some ideas to go back for. I was quite sun burnt just from the 2 hour wander but silly me still didnt think to put sun screen on ... so I am really very pink right now.

Even though I was very slow on this walk...I still enjoyed myself. There was on a small hand full of us out there and we had a great time calling out to each other and encouraging along the way.

So in the end it was 6.30 km for 44:21 so now I have to figure out a nice flat course for tomorrows 15km.......possibly that I will walk out from home and do the atawhai walkway....I think that it will just make up to 15km from memory.

Pub Run - Charlies Bar

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tired and sore - a slow 11km

Tonight I was to down to do 12km. I decided to go round the big block and add a small loop at the end to make up the last extra 1km, but that was not to be tonight.

I started out and I felt tired and I had sore feet. As I walked out up along the track I had already decided to just go for the distance and not worry too much about pace tonight. By 6km my toes were hurting ALOT. My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe and so it hits the inside of my shoe and I often get very sore tips of my toes plus black toenails.

I kept going thinking that I could just push through the pain but they started to hurt more and more. Plus for the first time in a very long time my tummy decided to play up and at the 9km mark I had to make a hasty dash across the park to the public toilet. The last km home was very painful and I nearly gave up to just walk normally. So it ended up only being 11km for a very slow 1:12:02 but that's not too bad after two very fast and great days.

12km training walk by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5km Series - Churchill Ave

The 5km tonight was not the course that was advertised on the site. So we all fronted up expecting a nice flat course only to be told it was Churchill Street. This one is an undulating course with the 3 & 4 km's going up and down some good hills. But we all love the last km as its straight down Queen Street and you can pick up a good pace here.

I was feeling good again tonight and set out to just have a nice good walk. I didnt expect to fast a time as I am not good on hills and so once we reached the hills I just dropped to a power walk and chatting to the young jogger beside me. So I was quite surprised to cross the finish in 30:21 it shows that my fitness has come back and I now feel quite confident of a good race in two weeks.

I also went and brought some Black Currant Power to try. check out the website about this new product. The manager of Sujon is very keen to hear back from me to see how I find the product. It is meant to be fantastic in recovery, in adding injury and for stamina.

Here is my data from the race.
5km Series - Churchill Ave by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8km - Monaco out and back - A SMASHING walk

Well today was the first day that I have felt 100% well. I was down to do 8km tonight and I was really looking forward to getting out and have a nice walk.

I had a long and mentally draining day at work and a good walk was going to clear my head. It was a nice warm day with a breeze that helped to keep you cool. Temp was approx 20deg today.

It is easy for me to zip out from my work and walk along the Half marathon course, it is a fairly flat course and nice and handy. Today I just walked out for 4km and turned back. I started out cold and decided to use the first km as my warm up. I felt great, was not breathing hard or pushing hard. My style felt different, easier and lighter. I tucked my butt in under me and off I went. I was quite surprised to see my first km click over at 6.04

I zipped along happily listening to my music and going over my day when I had an ambulance and a fire engine go roaring past and I looked up and saw that there had been a large car crash at the round a bout ahead of me. My 4km turn point was just down from the accident so I turned back and noticed that there was quite a build up of cars now on the motorway beside me. About half way back I noticed a truck driving a tad too fast for the build up of traffic, the driver was too busy looking up ahead at the crash to notice that all the cars in front of him had stopped.....when he finally did notice there was a flurry of brakes, smoke from his wheels locking up and an almighty BANG as he crashed into the car in front and the car behind him crashed into him. I kept walking as no one was hurt..just lots of glass and language being thrown around.

I was coming up to the 5km mark and looked at my watch to see it was 30:05 WOW I thought....This is a GREAT walk. I kept going along the walk way and when I could see my work I pushed hard to have a good finish and time. Tonight it was 8km for 48:05 so thats an avg pace of 6:00 and avg heart rate of 153

A great walk much needed before my half marathon in two weeks.

Heres my data (I have noticed that Garmin are now using BING for their maps and they are not as nice looking)
8km - Monaco out and back by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, November 21, 2010

4.5 gentle walk

After dropping my gorgeous grand daughter home I decided I would go for a very gentle walk. I was feeling much better, no runny nose or blocked nose, no aching muscles...all I had left was a slight sinus headache.

It had just stopped raining as there was a slight breeze. It was still a nice warm day though so just went out in tee shirt and shorts. I decided to just go along the track out side our house. It is 2km in length so I figured that if I was not feeling up to it I could stop and just wander home. Turns out that the fresh air was just what I needed. It felt nice to get out and stretch the legs. I kept it nice and gentle and didnt push myself at all.

What was meant to be 3km turned into 4.5km as I opted to walk back around the road as it is flatter and I was feeling fine. So in total 29:02 for 4.5km = avg pace 6:27 and avg heart rate 138

Here's my data for the walk

4.5 gentle style walk by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

When I was finished it turned out I stopped right out side my friends house, so I wandered in for a chat and we sat outside in the sun and chatted for a bit. It was a lovely finish to my walk.

We chatted about the miners trapped in Greymouth, both of us hoping that they are alright but I guess a small touch of reality is also saying...there has been no contact with them, there is a chance they may not be ok. So like the Chilean miners...the whole world sits and watches Greymouth and waits and prays. I too send my thoughts of hope and of courage for the rescuers who are faced with going down into the mine to look for them.

The young at heart

I adore having my grand daughter come to stay. Its just often a mission to find the right night as I am usually competing, training or away, so a week ago I rang and booked it in that I would have Katie-May on Saturday Night. I didn't intend on getting sick or still being sick when she got here, but she is the best medicine money can buy.

How can any one feel sick when you have this gorgeous wee face giggling at you while coloring in on the floor?

We have spent the morning building huge towers with her blocks, colouring in Dora the Explorer, playing hide and seek and Rollie Pollies in the lounge.....(she won that one)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

what a waste of a week!

I HATE being fact I loath it.

I woke up last Monday with a runny nose and refused to concede that it could be a head cold. I went out training on Tuesday and pushed myself through to complete 8km, but did suffer for it that night. On Weds night I went out to the Weds Walk Series and pushed myself along through that but by 2.5 km had to pull up and admit I didn't feel well. Since then I have spent Thurs and Friday at my new job feeling miserable!!! It is just a silly head cold.... I have a runny nose, body aches and my forehead/sinus's feels like I have been sniffing petrol.

Its Saturday and I thought I would be able to do a gentle 3km today, but there was no way. My nose is not running anymore but I feel faint .. ALL the time, I struggled to walk to the letter box and back inside. So it is day 3 with no exercise for me.

I feel wracked with guilt, I feel like I have let my self down, my coach down....I feel awful. Plus with the scales kindly saying to me today "one at a time please" didn't help. So I have been in a bad mood ALL day!!! a real black cloud over the head with wee lightening bolts type bad mood. I actually think that tonight was the first night my husband was pleased to be working a night shift.

Since I took the job at Norris Management my diet went out the window and my weight went sky high. Since then I have struggled to get it back under control. I was shocked when I weighed in this morning. In the last 5 months I have gained just over 5kg....that's nearly a stone!!! No wonder I feel so sluggish and yucky when training. I am pleased that with my new job, I actually get lunch breaks and that I can make something healthy or I can buy a healthy sandwich from the bakery on the way to work. So I am sure it will all work off soon enough, it was just a shock that I really didnt want to face up to this week.

Sorry for taking my bad mood out on you who read this but there was no one else around to vent to....even the cats have kept their distance tonight.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8km - Monaco out and back

Today was 8km but to practice new style for each 1km. I was not feel to flash today and many times today thought to flag the walk completely. My nose is still running and my head feels like its in a vice.

I sent my hubby a text and asked if he wanted to come along too and ride his bike beside me. He brought some water with him and I was so pleased to see that he did. It was really hot again (25deg right now) I really wanted to go out and walk though as I had just got my new GPS with the heart strap and I wanted to see how it worked.

Well it was not a flash walk but it was done. It was very hot and dry and I was so pleased Shane brought the water. 50:47 for an avg of 6:20 per km so thats ok too. Avg Heart Rate was 149...I thought that was a bit high but will have a google on what is good and bad.

Still have a very runny nose and feel very tired. Might be an early night for me.

here is my data.
8km - Monaco out and back by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, November 14, 2010

5km fartlek - Atawhai Drive

Last night I did a very gentle and very slow 3km. During this I was to concentrate on my new style for the whole distance. I felt very awkward and slow but did persist in sticking to it for the 3km. My glutes did feel used when I had finished. So I headed for home as we were doing a BBQ for tea. Got home took my shoes off and headed inside - just as the cat and dog were headed out side. We had a good collision in the door way with me connecting with both animals and also the door jam. With much swearing and jumping about with me holding my foot....I sat down to check the damage. I had a good tooth mark in the top of my foot but where I had slid down the door jam on the bottom of my foot there was a big black bruise forming already and it hurt!! So I grabbed the ice pack and arnica and tended to my foot while Shane cooked the BBQ - steak for me and salad.

So this morning for my training it was a 5km fartlek. My foot feels sore and stiff but once I got shoes on it was much better. (I actually didn't feel it when I was racewalking) It was also not as hot today. It is over cast and gusty winds - but still shows as being 22degs, just no sun. I felt great this morning and was really looking forward to putting in a good time. I wanted a sub 29 or as close to it. The wind had stopped when I drove down to the walkway and I hoped that it would stay that way for the next 30mins.......that's not too much to ask I felt.

I did a short warm up and then went for it. 1st km was tough (it always is) I was breathing hard and just begging the k marker to bleep on my watch. My first Km was 5:29 and I was not gasping for air like I was a month ago .. I was rapt. Now I was into the 500m section, I like this part better. So I eased up to get my breath back, went for it again (with a road crossing in this fast section - but the cars stopped for me today) Everything was going great. I turned at the 2.5km mark and punched it again, I was about 100m away from the 3km marker when the wind started up and it gusted!! It was a head on wind and it knocked me around and it was here that I let myself down cause I mentally gave up. The wind continued to gust giving me moments of calm and moments of a good gust. I tried to keep up the pace and push through it and by the 4km marker I was fair telling my self off. So for the last km I tried to dig it in again. I did manage to get 29:51 but I was hoping for a much better time than that.

But as I sit here coughing away (due to the exertion) I know that this is just the start of it all and that I will have great days and I will have bad days, the key to it is to own the bad days and not lay out a million excuses. So my lesson for today....wind blows all the time, I just need to stay focused.

My data for anyone keen to peek-
5km fartlek - Atawhai Drive by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 km Training around Monaco

Tonight I was to do 10km. I was to practice my new style for 400m and then walk my old style 1600m....

Well I started out from work thinking that the Monaco course (used in the Nelson Half Marathon) would be 10km...turns out its only 9km. Today was one of our hottest days so far. It was 23 deg with humidity of 84% and tomorrow its meant to get to 25 deg. Our heat is scorching. Today I forgot to put sunscreen on and being out there for an hour I am quite sun burnt. Silly me. For the first 2km my calf was really sore, in fact I thought of stopping and walking back to work at one stage. But I pressed on and it came right by the 4 km mark. It was getting hotter and hotter while I was out walking and I was struggling a little on the last few km as I had not carried any water and there is no where to stop and grab a drink on this loop. (note to self....carry water from now on!) My toes were starting to hurt by 9km and I really just wanted to stop, specially when the 9km was right by my car....but I pressed on for another 500m before turning back to make it a full 10km. It was an ok walk. Still adjusting to the new style, with now having a slight sore back and calf. I am sure these are just settling things and muscles adjusting to the changes.

Talking of changes, my daughter Shakara has just been offered a job in Cairns Australia. She has accepted and heads away in Jan next year. Gosh thats only 8 weeks away.....SOB!! It is a huge step for her but I will miss her lots. Lucky for skype!!!!

Garmin Data here:-
10 km Monaco Loop by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5km Series - Champion Road

I had a small disaster last night. My Garmin GPS decided to die on me. I got changed at work and was all set and ready to go and I went to fire up my watch and .... watch. (Told my hubby when I got home and he promptly brought me a new watch as he knows how much I need it............then wouldnt you know it...two hours later I get a facebook message on how to fix it....and it did!! so now I will have a flash new watch with heart rate and shane will get this one.)

I still went out and walked for 45 mins....I was to practice new style and old style. It was an ok workout, nothing flash to report other than I somehow aggravated my calf injury. Later that night my calf was throbbing so I massaged some voltaren into it and it did feel better.

So for tonights 5km race I had decided to take it easy. Champian Road is a good course. A slight rise around the 2km mark and a couple of wee dips then down hill for the last two km. But I knew that with my calf still tight and sore that I shouldnt push too hard. So I went out and sort of cruised around it, and was very surprised to see I did 30:12. I had not felt I was going that fast nor did I plan that. My calf held out but it is feeling very warm and tight, so I will ice it and rub it again.

training data below.

5 km Series - Champion Road by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

5km Series - Otia Drive

Tonight I decided to go out and do the 5km series. My legs were feeling pretty good, it was my body that was not. After eating way too much junk food over the last 4 days I was feeling a tad "stodgy"

So I thought just go and have a nice walk and enjoy fact so much so that I was half way out when I realized I had left my Garmin watch at home. So gentle it was going to be.

Otia Drive is a chunky course with the first 2 km being relatively flat but the last 3 is up and down and up some more. So I opted to walk beside Pete, my old training partner and we chatted as we went but there was a brief discussion on who would cross the line first but with him stopping dead at the finish line, meant I bet him lol.

So time for the 5km was 32.05 which is not too bad as my fastest time on this course was 2 years ago at 30.54