Sunday, December 30, 2007

My new tatttoo

I have always had a fasination with Egypt and the Egyptian religion. I have wanted to get an Egyptian tattoo for many years but never found the right one. About 2 months ago I found it. The Eye of Ra. So I got it for myself to xmas.

Monday, December 10, 2007

5 Generations get together for Xmas

A most treasured photo..... 5 generations.

Katie-May 6 weeks old.

Plus a 7th generation of Eldest daughter having a daughter first.

We all got together to met up before xmas. It was so wonderfull having family all around. Aunts, uncles, cousins and grand parents galour.

Great Great Grandma with Katie-May.
Dont they both look so beautifull.

Blenheim Womens Triathlon 2007

Dec 3rd was the Blenheim Womens Triathlon.

I came over and entered it again hoping to beat my time last year and place top three.

The day was high cloud but extremly hot and dry.

The walk started out with my friend zipping ahead of me and winning the walk leg by 30 secs.

I still powered along after her though thinking I would catch her up on the bike leg.

Here I am just getting into top gear trying to pick up as much speed as I can after being delayed in the shoot for 30 odd seconds while they let a car go by.....grrrr....and again I was delayed at the round about as well.... so each time I got closer and closer to Yveonne I had to sit and watch her get further away from me.
I must have made up some time as I did pull in behind her at the end of the bike leg. She had a quick trans and raced away to the pool before me. I just couldnt get my legs working and so wobbled after her.
It came down to a race in the pool with her not being able to swim so she ran in the pool and I swam. She ended up beating me by 3 seconds. So I was placed 2nd over all and I bet my time from last year by 4 mins. I am very very happy with that.