Saturday, March 29, 2014

10km walk - slow but steady

I was meant to have an ultra sound scan on my Hip and Glute but when I got to the appointment on Friday...the girl had mucked it up and given me the wrong time.  So its been changed to Weds 8am.  I think they will find either Piriformus syndrom or scar tissue on my sciatic nerve.

So last night Jim suggested I sit on a hot wheat bag to see if the head will release the nerve.  The test was going to be how I would feel today.

I got up and headed out for my 10km walk as planned.  I felt a little stiff and sore in my lower back but nothing bad like I had earlier.  My TFL on the other hand stung alot.  I had decided that if it didnt settle after a couple of km I would call it quits.  But it stayed the same for the whole walk.  Didnt get worse or better....just an ache.  No piriformus pain which is great.  

Total time for the walk was 1:02:41 an avg pace of 6:16

An hour later as I have cooled down.  My piriformus is still ok but my tfl is NOT  happy.  Hope they will see something in the scan and give me some answers.

10 km data

Sunday, March 23, 2014

16km that become 9km due to glute pain

My right glute has been bugging me all night and all day.  We have brought a small tens machine for use at home and so I used that last night, not sure if this will help but anything is better than nothing.

We spent the at Harbour Town, went to the movies and saw I, Frankenstein (totally FANTASTIC movie) and then wandered about shopping and buying some much need training socks.  I got home at 4pm and so headed out to do the 16km on my program.  I did quickly chat to my coach and told him my glute was sore, but he didnt seem to phased by it and told me to enjoy the walk.  So I headed out but I did tell him that if it hurt I would be stopping.

The first km chirped off about 200m too soon.  I didnt think my watch had found satellites so I think it used the foot pod ?? or it was just wonkey.... so my first km was actaully 6:15...NOT the 5:49 my watch says.  But anyhow putting this aside I was actually feeling pretty good.   Body was moving well and freely and I was actually feeling pretty smooth and fast.  I was sitting on 6:10 per km pace and it was feeling easy.  I opted again to do the walkway 4 x.    I had even picked up a runner who was staying at my pace and just ticking along beside me ... so for a while I had company :) yaya.  I turned at the 6km mark and had to dodge a kid on his bike - so I was kinda off foot so to speak and had to jump to the right and pretty much jump over the kid to save both him and me crashing.  I carried on but by the time I had gone 500m my glute and tfl was hurting.  Not aching but actually hurting.  I finished my 7th km keeping the same pace but I felt I was kinda limping so I slowed for the 8th km and knew then I was not going to be able to do 16km..... So I race walked to home and stopped my watch when it chimed off at 9km.

So now its Ice and the Tens Machine plus the ball.  I have a dr appointment tomorrow so I will get the dr to check out my glute as I am tired of this pain.  I do know that every morning I wake up with such a sore back (our nice new bed has sunk after only a year and leaving us both with sore backs in the morning)  So perhaps my back is out.

9km data

QLD Masters State Champs 5000m

Got to the track feeling bright and cheery :)  Body was feeling pretty good for a change.  Right glute was tight but I didnt think it would bother me too much.  The weather was going to be the factor today......over cast with impending rain = 90% humidity and 27 degs.   Sure enough it was VERY muggy and sticky.  All of us just wished it would open up and rain.

We lined up but as we were about to start the electronic timer decided to stop so we were delayed for about 5 mins.....with out much fuss we lined up for the second time.  I was #11 so out on the outside of the track.  

Paul shot out front along with the Brisbane walker that had traveled out (he was also in Hobart)  I decided to hold back a little and make sure I was holding good form and settle into my pace early.   It didnt take me long to work out that I was not going to be super fast today.  I felt like I was dragging a tyre around behind me.  About 2km I passed Paul and tried to pursue the Brisbane walker but he was already too far ahead of me, although I did start to gain on him as he slowly succumbed to the humidity.

At about 4km my right glute and tfl started to annoy me ... not painful but tight and just leaving me feeling flat.  I pushed hard on the last km.  I had managed to totally bugger up my watch with my lap splits so I gave up on the watch in the end.  I was very pleased to cross the line in 28:32  heart rate shot up to 190 but avg out at 160.

As usual the event was wonderfully run and it couldnt be done with out the awesome volunteers that come out to help.   So a huge shout out to all those involved.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

6km Fartlek

Its a stinking hot day with high humidity.  We have a thunderstorm brewing so that always sends the temperature up.

I got to the track and it was about 30 degs with 86% humidity.... so you are sticky and uncomfortable before you even start.  I warmed up for a couple of laps and stopped to get a drink.  I started out and decided I wouldnt go all out on my first km as tonight I was to do a 6km fartlek....while only 1 km longer...I knew it would tire me and I wanted to put in a good effort over the whole walk.

I did have to stop breifly at 2km for a quick drink and then again at 4km to chat to Robyn.  But over all the walk went well.  I had some Glute Med pain...which is a first and it did niggle my tfl and itb band again.  Jim thinks the SI joint is frozen again............I was going to do a quick visit to the chiro and check it out but I have broken my tooth during dinner and will need to remove my tooth and that will cost a fortune!!!

By the last couple of km's I was slowing down but I was still trying to be consistent.  I do feel that going gluten free has been a huge help.

Total time was 35:19

1 5.39.4
2 5.54.3
3 5.53.1
4 5.55.5
5 6.00.3
6 5.56.3

Sunday, March 16, 2014

3000m masters club Race

Phew was I sore this morning.  Infact I ached all night and was up and down trying to stretch out my right hip.  I knew it was not a tear ... its just been well used but gosh it hurt.

I got to the track and did a couple of laps and was struggling to get my knee up to walk let alone drop my hip.  But as I know that my race style is different to my training style (dont ask...I have NO idea why but it is)  I joked with the others and said to Paul..I think you got this one mate...he just laughed at me.

Gun goes off and I dont know about other people but something clicks and the pain is gone and you just go.   Paul headed out ahead of me and I sat back happy to sit behind him and figured if he keeps this pace up it will be a good walk for us both but about 200m he was slowing and I just stayed at my pace and passed him...... the whole race I kept waiting for him to come back as he often does, but today that was not to be.  By 2km my hip was aching alot and I had slowed down.....only a couple of laps to go so I kept at it.  I knew the time was not going to be flash but still, I wanted to race as it adds to the numbers.

Total time was 17:10   -   slower than I had hoped but after doing 16km the day before and racing hard the weekend before...I was happy enough.

3000m data

Saturday, March 15, 2014

16km Walkway - Feeling great.

I am onto my 2nd week of being gluten free and I am really feeling the effects of this.  I have more energy and feel awake all day.  While I was not looking forward to my 16km due to boredom more than the actual walk.  I get lonely during the long walks.

I had slept in so decided to head out later in the day.  I set out at 4pm - the walk way was pretty busy and the weather was warm at 29degs.  I got a bit of a shock to see my first km at 6mins and thoughs oppps best slow it down a little.  So I eased back to what felt easy to me and continued on.

Its a 2km walkway so its 4 x to get the 3km I had to zip off to the toilet for a quick pit stop, but after that I felt great and had NO tummy pain at all.  I kept ticking along at what felt easy to me and I was not too bothered at what pace it was so I didnt check my watch, I just walked.  I stopped at 10km to drink and then again at 12km to stretch as my hip flexor/tfl was starting to hurt.  The stretch felt good but it did still annoy me and for the last 2km was actually really hurting.  I was so pleased to see kay on her bike on my last 1km so she rode beside me as I finished the walk.  I stopped my watch and had to do a double take and also check that I had done the correct kms.  Wow that was pretty quick.

1:38:49 - avg km is 6.11 and avg heart rate was 158

16km data

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

3km Fartlek and 6 x 200m - A Great Walk Today

I woke today and felt pretty stiff and sore from the treadmil the night before, but I was not too bothered as I knew I had all day to recover yet.  I had sorted myself out with a proper gluten free breakfast and I am determined to give this a good go and see what difference if any it does for me.  I must admit that an hour after eating lunch my stomach went into knots as it usually does but it was short lived and didnt continue for the rest of the day.  So thats an improvement.

I warmed up with 3 laps today and had a good stretch before I started out.  At first I was feeling a little tight but after the stretches I loosened up and felt ready to give it a good go.  I did feel more energetic than I have for awhile.  Perhaps the B12 injection?  Perhaps the change of diet?

First km felt smooth and strong, I was breathing hard but not gasping.  I eased into my recovery and kept a good solid pace going and quickly got my breathing under control again.  I powered up for my next fast 500 and felt really good.  I felt that I had a good stride and was placing my feet better.  My right hammy was just starting to feel a touch tight but was not hurting.  I tried to tuck under more and use my glutes and roll off my feet.  I finished strong and felt an instant rush of confidence...I really needed this to have been a good walk and it was a GREAT walk.

1 km = 5.27.4
2 km  =  2.59.1 + 2.45.1  =  5.44.2
3 km  =  2.58.0 + 2.45.5  =  5.43.5

total time 16.55.1  avg heartrate 157

Next up was my 200's  -  coach said 5 but I did 6 to round off the distance to 5km.
I waited 3 mins and started out.  I felt good on these.  I was pushing hard and feeling strong.  I was giving my self 90secs between each 200m but with people on the track I often waited for a few moments longer before starting.  I was very pleased with my 200's and really enjoyed doing these.

59.7    59.7   59.2     57.7   57.2    57.3

OH Yeah....bring on hobart baby!!!!

3km fartlek + 6 x 200 data

Monday, March 03, 2014

6km Treadmill

Boy have I been through the wringer this weekend.  I have lost 2 days of my training at a most critical time.  I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and this weekend it REALLY flaired up.  It left me curled up on the couch in agony.  I was unable to stand upright so walking was not an option.

Today I was to see how I felt and do 6km but my stomach was still feeling very tender and I knew I was not going to be able to walk out on the road.  So my option was the treadmill.

The walk felt easy - but it usually does on a treadmill.  You push in your pace and then just go.  I felt comfortable at the pace I first picked but at 3km decided to start to up it a little.  Body was feeling good, no niggles in my hips or back - so that is GREAT.  At 5km my stomach started to ache and slowly got sorer and sorer.  As I knew it was only 500m to go I gritted my teeth and pushed through.  It was not agony or sharp pains.......just a deep ache like a deep bruise.

I was pleased my legs felt nice and fresh so I am hopeful I will get a good walk done tomorrow at the track.

total time for 6km was 36:51 with avg heartrate of 147

I am really pleased to see that I have calibrated my foot pod correctly....tonight was the first time it has read and measured the same distance and the treadmill showed.

6km data