Sunday, March 23, 2014

QLD Masters State Champs 5000m

Got to the track feeling bright and cheery :)  Body was feeling pretty good for a change.  Right glute was tight but I didnt think it would bother me too much.  The weather was going to be the factor today......over cast with impending rain = 90% humidity and 27 degs.   Sure enough it was VERY muggy and sticky.  All of us just wished it would open up and rain.

We lined up but as we were about to start the electronic timer decided to stop so we were delayed for about 5 mins.....with out much fuss we lined up for the second time.  I was #11 so out on the outside of the track.  

Paul shot out front along with the Brisbane walker that had traveled out (he was also in Hobart)  I decided to hold back a little and make sure I was holding good form and settle into my pace early.   It didnt take me long to work out that I was not going to be super fast today.  I felt like I was dragging a tyre around behind me.  About 2km I passed Paul and tried to pursue the Brisbane walker but he was already too far ahead of me, although I did start to gain on him as he slowly succumbed to the humidity.

At about 4km my right glute and tfl started to annoy me ... not painful but tight and just leaving me feeling flat.  I pushed hard on the last km.  I had managed to totally bugger up my watch with my lap splits so I gave up on the watch in the end.  I was very pleased to cross the line in 28:32  heart rate shot up to 190 but avg out at 160.

As usual the event was wonderfully run and it couldnt be done with out the awesome volunteers that come out to help.   So a huge shout out to all those involved.


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