Wednesday, March 19, 2014

6km Fartlek

Its a stinking hot day with high humidity.  We have a thunderstorm brewing so that always sends the temperature up.

I got to the track and it was about 30 degs with 86% humidity.... so you are sticky and uncomfortable before you even start.  I warmed up for a couple of laps and stopped to get a drink.  I started out and decided I wouldnt go all out on my first km as tonight I was to do a 6km fartlek....while only 1 km longer...I knew it would tire me and I wanted to put in a good effort over the whole walk.

I did have to stop breifly at 2km for a quick drink and then again at 4km to chat to Robyn.  But over all the walk went well.  I had some Glute Med pain...which is a first and it did niggle my tfl and itb band again.  Jim thinks the SI joint is frozen again............I was going to do a quick visit to the chiro and check it out but I have broken my tooth during dinner and will need to remove my tooth and that will cost a fortune!!!

By the last couple of km's I was slowing down but I was still trying to be consistent.  I do feel that going gluten free has been a huge help.

Total time was 35:19

1 5.39.4
2 5.54.3
3 5.53.1
4 5.55.5
5 6.00.3
6 5.56.3

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