Tuesday, March 04, 2014

3km Fartlek and 6 x 200m - A Great Walk Today

I woke today and felt pretty stiff and sore from the treadmil the night before, but I was not too bothered as I knew I had all day to recover yet.  I had sorted myself out with a proper gluten free breakfast and I am determined to give this a good go and see what difference if any it does for me.  I must admit that an hour after eating lunch my stomach went into knots as it usually does but it was short lived and didnt continue for the rest of the day.  So thats an improvement.

I warmed up with 3 laps today and had a good stretch before I started out.  At first I was feeling a little tight but after the stretches I loosened up and felt ready to give it a good go.  I did feel more energetic than I have for awhile.  Perhaps the B12 injection?  Perhaps the change of diet?

First km felt smooth and strong, I was breathing hard but not gasping.  I eased into my recovery and kept a good solid pace going and quickly got my breathing under control again.  I powered up for my next fast 500 and felt really good.  I felt that I had a good stride and was placing my feet better.  My right hammy was just starting to feel a touch tight but was not hurting.  I tried to tuck under more and use my glutes and roll off my feet.  I finished strong and felt an instant rush of confidence...I really needed this to have been a good walk and it was a GREAT walk.

1 km = 5.27.4
2 km  =  2.59.1 + 2.45.1  =  5.44.2
3 km  =  2.58.0 + 2.45.5  =  5.43.5

total time 16.55.1  avg heartrate 157

Next up was my 200's  -  coach said 5 but I did 6 to round off the distance to 5km.
I waited 3 mins and started out.  I felt good on these.  I was pushing hard and feeling strong.  I was giving my self 90secs between each 200m but with people on the track I often waited for a few moments longer before starting.  I was very pleased with my 200's and really enjoyed doing these.

59.7    59.7   59.2     57.7   57.2    57.3

OH Yeah....bring on hobart baby!!!!

3km fartlek + 6 x 200 data

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