Saturday, March 15, 2014

16km Walkway - Feeling great.

I am onto my 2nd week of being gluten free and I am really feeling the effects of this.  I have more energy and feel awake all day.  While I was not looking forward to my 16km due to boredom more than the actual walk.  I get lonely during the long walks.

I had slept in so decided to head out later in the day.  I set out at 4pm - the walk way was pretty busy and the weather was warm at 29degs.  I got a bit of a shock to see my first km at 6mins and thoughs oppps best slow it down a little.  So I eased back to what felt easy to me and continued on.

Its a 2km walkway so its 4 x to get the 3km I had to zip off to the toilet for a quick pit stop, but after that I felt great and had NO tummy pain at all.  I kept ticking along at what felt easy to me and I was not too bothered at what pace it was so I didnt check my watch, I just walked.  I stopped at 10km to drink and then again at 12km to stretch as my hip flexor/tfl was starting to hurt.  The stretch felt good but it did still annoy me and for the last 2km was actually really hurting.  I was so pleased to see kay on her bike on my last 1km so she rode beside me as I finished the walk.  I stopped my watch and had to do a double take and also check that I had done the correct kms.  Wow that was pretty quick.

1:38:49 - avg km is 6.11 and avg heart rate was 158

16km data

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