Sunday, March 16, 2014

3000m masters club Race

Phew was I sore this morning.  Infact I ached all night and was up and down trying to stretch out my right hip.  I knew it was not a tear ... its just been well used but gosh it hurt.

I got to the track and did a couple of laps and was struggling to get my knee up to walk let alone drop my hip.  But as I know that my race style is different to my training style (dont ask...I have NO idea why but it is)  I joked with the others and said to Paul..I think you got this one mate...he just laughed at me.

Gun goes off and I dont know about other people but something clicks and the pain is gone and you just go.   Paul headed out ahead of me and I sat back happy to sit behind him and figured if he keeps this pace up it will be a good walk for us both but about 200m he was slowing and I just stayed at my pace and passed him...... the whole race I kept waiting for him to come back as he often does, but today that was not to be.  By 2km my hip was aching alot and I had slowed down.....only a couple of laps to go so I kept at it.  I knew the time was not going to be flash but still, I wanted to race as it adds to the numbers.

Total time was 17:10   -   slower than I had hoped but after doing 16km the day before and racing hard the weekend before...I was happy enough.

3000m data

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